Applied Services: Web Design
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Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Co. Ltd. or 5D is a holding company that provides professional services in niche real estate and industrial investment. It also participates in selective private equity through continuous realization of the existing demands of the market by utilizing skilled manpower and financial resources to the fullest.5D of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a diversified portfolio of investments which include manufacturing facilities; and real estate ventures which involve development, ownership, leasing and renting. It also provides consultancy for specialized engineering-related activities such as design, development and optimization.


Among web design companies in the region, Smart Touch was privileged to create 5D’s online presence through its website that boasts of the company’s colorful history, its strength in management and the bright future it’s heading to.


Smart Touch considered it a challenge to develop an unconventional website, which was required by the owner. The latter wanted to have a different approach by identifying the colour that would speak most about its business and situating the menu on the left instead of the usual top orientation. Smart Touch exceptionally delivered these as the client had desired. The contemporary look and the minimized graphics and movements were also achieved thanks to Smart Touch’s creative web designers.

5D’s company website was another job well done!