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Kooheji Industrial Safety

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Here is where you can consider as the safest place on earth. Kooheji Industrial Safety will take good care of you. The company has been in the business for over 50 years, taking care of you and ensuring you are 24/7 safe.

Being in the business for that long, only makes Kooheji Safety strives more and more for high quality products (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment) so as to never let its loyal customers down.

Project Background

A company that has been that long in the business as Kooheji Safety deserves the best of the best. Smart Touch hard working team promises more than a perfectly good job.

Smart Touch team offers excellence in every single detail in order to maintain the company’s position and that is achieved through perfectly designed brochures acting as the company’s mini portfolio.

Also, since designing is Smart Touch middle name, we ensured creating a website that brightly showed the true essence of Kooheji Safety well established company. 

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