Web design: 6 tips to design a professional website in 2024

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Web design: 6 tips to design a professional website in 2024

Can you imagine that you have a business and you don’t show your products/services to your target audience because you don’t have a website!. Nowadays, everyone has a website, be sure that dozens of websites being added as you read this article. Of course, every website needs a design.

Designing will draw people to your website. There’s no excuse for not creating a website with an excellent design. Designing your website seems difficult, doesn’t it? We know that you don’t need to learn everything about web design, but as a business owner, you will need to know little things about web design.

For a quick overview, we put a few steps to know how to design a website.

What is web design mean?

What is web design mean? 

The term web design is used to describe the process of creating websites such as Google, Youtube and other sites that we browse daily. It is a large extent a creative process and can, therefore, be called more art than science. 

The establishment of the site is in two stages are: –

– The design can be drawn on paper or the program of paint or any tool helps you to arrange the content and formatted easily for the user and is the key element for the success of the site.

– Then use Internet languages ​​such as HTML and Javascript to create a website and insert the elements and content in the design.

Web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development, it gives your company the right image and impression, and increases the number of visitors staying on your page. Creative Web Design helps you attract people and get more traffic to your website. It creates a visual language for your brand that is consistent with your business, leaving a more memorable impression.

6 Tips to design an excellent website

– Having content ready before starting

6 Tips to design an excellent website

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman.

The content is the building of the website. This means they should be documented well before any colors, fonts, and layouts. You don’t have to write all your content and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always edit and optimize for Google SEO (search engine optimization) later. But having content will help you when you design your website because of designing with real content gives you a better representation of how the website will look, Therefore, content writing is considered one of the best standards for a good web design nowadays due to the widespread of AI tools.

– Make it simple

How do I learn web design?

For your first web design, it’s a good idea to choose something simple. An e-commerce site is more complicated and would be better to tackle once you have more experience. So don’t overcomplicate your website by placing your menu bar in a random location. It should present a clear, short roadmap of everything on the site, so your visitors know exactly where to go to find the solution to their problem.

However, your website needs to be visually distinct from the other websites, use a different color, font,

and size to ensure it stands apart. This is due to the importance of designing websites and applications these days and the abundance of competition in this field.

 – Find the web design trends 

Web design encompasses many different

Web design is the most important factor of the website, so it is worth to take your time to find what your competitors are doing and what is the trend, then think differently and choose what will be fit into your industry because not all of the trends will be right for you.


– Add white space

Web design sites

White spaces are those areas that do not occupy space as text, image, or any visible element, and distribute these spaces in a coordinated and right way makes the design readable faster and comfortable to the eye, the white space in the design is the backbone of the simplicity of the design, which is one of the basic principles that make your design simple and elegant and adds a special feature to it. When used well, these spaces can make the balance of the design and eliminate clutter. Any Ad for a luxury product is known for its use of white space.

– Choose the color for your design

Web design ideas

What do you think if you choose more than different colors for your web design ! Would it look good? Of course not, because it does not belong to the same color palette.

Colors have meaning. They impart a tone and emotional impact, and that makes them a powerful design tool. 

There is a lot of psychology behind people’s perception of color, so it’s important to understand how it’s used concerning your industry. For example:

* Yellow: Represents the sun, warmth, and summertime. It’s often used to attract the audience. It’s especially eye-catching when combined with white or black.

* Green: Represents health and nature which makes it perfect for organic, environmentally friendly, and healthy products. It is the easiest color for the eye to process, so it has relation effects.

* Red: Represents love, energy, danger, and blood. It often used to create urgency for people to buy. Restaurants are the most industry that uses this color.

* Purple: Represents loyalty, wealth, and success. It is ideal for luxury brands and often used in beauty products.

* Blue: Represents security, trust, peace, and calmness. It’s often used in banks and businesses to create a sense of security and trust in the brand, as the site’s colors are considered one of the most important standards for web design.

– Make it easy to get home

Web design examples

Your visitors should be able to know where they are on your website at all times and be able to navigate back to their starting point.

The best way to provide this is by making your logo clickable and sitting it in your header and make sure there are links to home throughout the website.

Web design in GCC

Web designing course

People are increasingly using the Internet every day in large numbers, especially in the search for their needs for products or services, web design has become one of the most innovative ways of advertising, especially in the GCC, where everyone is thinking of starting a company or a project, its first goal and the most important thing is to familiarize consumers with their services and products through the design of successful web sites.

Web design in Saudi Arabia

Web design software

Saudi Arabia is not just a major & important business center, enterprises have started to show interest in the area of web development and web design. The use of websites has improved a lot and marketers are working to gain this audience. Various enterprises are developing a website to improve productivity and customer commitment and engagement. 

You will find many web design companies in Saudi Arabia. These companies delivered the best web design services in Saudi Arabia with a professional approach and current trends. Their services will guide you with the best possible solutions regarding your project. 


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