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Branding in Bahrain

Our team at Smart Touch Advertising and Promotion recognizes the importance of branding, that’s why we are always keen on maintaining and capitalizing on our brand and business identity as the best provider of branding services in Bahrain.

Branding is how your target audience and customers perceive your company and the product and/or services it provides; it is the image you make for yourself in the customers’ minds based on what kind of experience they had while using your services and products.

Branding is not a one-time project, it’s an ongoing process that needs to be maintained, upgraded and improved dynamically as long as your business is running. This can only be done through the alignment and full integration of all of your organization’s departments, teams and functions to strengthen your image in the minds of all of your prospects.

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We provide full-stack branding services in Bahrain for all types of businesses and organizations; this comprises creating all the essential components of any business brand including

  • Brand Identity

    A brand identity is the message that any business entity would like to convey to its prospects; this message should be consistent in the way it is communicated to the company’s customers.

  • Brand Awareness

    This concept comprises the practices and campaigns which aim at maximizing the extent to which your customers are capable of recognizing your brand.

  • Brand Loyalty

    Branding is not only about how you present yourself and your product to your clients, it is also about leaving a lasting impression in their minds even after they bought your product or service so that they be loyal customers of your brand.

Our Approach


We acknowledge and act upon the importance of branding because it is how your target customers distinguish you from your competitors’ and their services and products.

Listening & Understanding

The first and most important step we take to provide our branding services in Bahrain is sitting down with our clients to form a complete picture of their businesses, their target audience and how they would like to establish themselves in the market to begin our work accordingly.


After forming a precise idea of our client’s needs and expectations, we start our research to develop the best method through which we can help them achieve their goals.

Our team visualizes all the components of the client’s brand that will make it stand out among its competitors in its targeted market segment.


In this stage, our team sits down to come up with creative ideas and solutions to strengthen and boost your business brand and its positioning in the market.

Fun & Creative Stage

of expressing your personality and positioning.


After coming up with the suitable action plan, our team of writers, designers, and executives begin to create the brand according to the agreed-upon guidelines.


After completing what the client requested from us, we deliver the project to him and wait for their feedback on the submitted product to see if they have any further requested modifications or updates.

Our branding services include

A successful branding agency operating in such a competitive market in Bahrain has to provide a full set of branding services. That’s why in Smart Touch we provide

Logo Design
Business Cards
Packaging Design

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