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Company Background

STC Tamayoz is a program designed specifically for STC's key business customers. It opens up a world of exclusive, sophisticated and unique services for your personal use around the clock to help you express your lifestyle. STC customers are automatically enrolled in STC Tamayoz Program if the total annual mobile bill exceeds SAR 10,000.

Its goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers for the means of communication continuously through the development and improvement of various programs, services and benefits. Tamayoz, STC, is a program designed to provide high-class services and privileges to customers currently. Tamayoz team will inform the customer directly about its membership in the program.

DARE's strategy outlines the key pillars for expanding STC's line of communication, which creates value while increasing efficiency, as the company prepares for the future.

The company is a global leader in delivering innovative services and platforms to its customers and enabling digital transformation in the MENA region.

The company is constantly looking to improve and adopt new and better ways of doing things, with a new and creative look. They are looking for the best possible solutions for their customers and employees.

STC Tamayouz
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Web Design
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Work Experience

Saudi Tamayoz has been awarded a renewal of its website for Smart Touch after a series of meetings and negotiations. The scope of the project revolves around website redesign and renovation, integrating new features and keeping up with current trends in web development and design. The site is a full managed content (CMS), integrating API features that STC requires excellence in order to fully serve its customers.

Unlike any other sites that Smart Touch has designed in the past, STC Tamayoz is an aggregated site that has integrated more than 3 features on the site while keeping the control panel and browsing as easy to use as possible. With experience and mastery of their craft developers and programmers, the complex needs are met by simple solutions.

Design Concept

The design team at Smart Touch chose a distinctive design for the logo of Tamayoz.The purple colour was chosen to be the colour of the logo, as the purple colour expresses creativity and imagination and it also indicates the kings, this colour may symbolize the romance, flow and softness.

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