Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Which Is Better For Your Business?

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The war between Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing has started since the early 90s and still getting fiercer year after year. If you are a business owner, you definitely get through the dilemma of thinking about which type of marketing should you apply to your business and about the possibility of combining the two types. So whether you took the decision or not, even whether you've established the business or not, this article will give you the core knowledge needed so you can draw a vision, make the decision, and start gaining tangible revenues.


Traditional marketing is the oldest type of marketing that humans have ever known. It includes most of the advertisements and commercials that we see offline and hears all day. Most traditional marketing methods come under one of these categories:

  •         Print (Newspapers/ Magazines/ Billboards...Etc)
  •         Broadcast (TV/ radio)
  •         Telephone (Calling/Cold calling of consumers over the phone to promote a product or service)
  •         Direct mail (Postcards/ Brochures/ Flyers...Etc, printed and sent with mail)

On the other hand, digital marketing is the newborn of technology and the internet revolution. It is the marketing of any product or service using the internet through several online channels so the business could be able to reach out to its target audience, connect with prospects and convert more of them into customers.

Online marketing uses digital tactics and channels such as: 

And here are some points that expose several aspects of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing and their differences:

Reaching the Audience

Traditional marketing reach is so limited when compared with digital marketing, as it only reaches out to local or regional audiences. In contrast, digital marketing travels to the other side of the world and reaches a wider audience base in different regions, and countries with even specific demographics. Digital platforms offer a variety of options that marketers can use to target the right segment of the audience based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors. Yet, traditional marketing is a kind of blind marketing that passes the message and hopes it reaches the right people.


Digital marketing offers you countless amounts of clear results, information, and data about your running campaigns so you can easily measure your ROI and make sure everything is on the right track. In other words, once you run an online marketing campaign you get detailed numbers of how many people have seen, clicked, purchased, signed up, or downloaded your service or product. But it doesn't go like this in case of applying any of traditional marketing methodologies as you won't be able to know how effective your campaign is or if it's reaching the right audience or not, and even if you were lucky and got some analytics somehow, it will never be as accurate as those of digital marketing.


Cost - Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing advertising's different types are known to be highly costly, whether it’s a television, radio, or newspaper advertisement, it will cost your marketing budget a lot of money while reaching a limited audience. On the other hand, digital marketing advertising guarantees a higher ROI than traditional marketing as well as being cost-effective and having a bigger audience. So if you are still a small or medium business with a modest marketing budget and constant online audience presence, you should consider digital advertising as a priority.


Interacting - Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is known to be static which means it is a one-way communication channel that carries no interaction with the audience. However, applying digital marketing means you now own a discussion arena and a big interacting platform. Your audience can easily interact with your brand through social media comments, inbox messages, or emails and you can engage them with open discussions, polls, entertaining videos… etc.

Going viral

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Every single day we stumble upon a video, post, or photo which is going viral on social media platforms in a matter of minutes. But have you ever seen a sales flyer reaching wide segment of customers in different places of the world in just one or two hours? That's exactly a clear difference between traditional and digital marketing. Having an outstanding online presence enables your message to go viral in an incredibly quick way. For example, every 60 seconds on Facebook, there are about 54,000 shared links. And with this power of the internet and social media and word of mouth, it's wise to create an extremely competent digital marketing strategy if you really want to move forward and at a steady pace from small to big!

Last but not least, if your business can afford to combine both types of traditional and digital marketing together, it will be an excellent way to reach more customers and create more conversions. Although almost all people are online nowadays, traditional marketing still has leverage in the world of marketing as there is no one who is online all day and night.

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