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Search Engine Optimization services in Saudi Arabia

Through its search engine optimization services in Saudi Arabia, Smart Touch Advertising and Promotion team makes it its mission to keep your website aligned with the best user experience-related and search engine-related practices and, therefore, stay in the upper fold of the page results of the search engines like Google and Bing.

When it comes to digital marketing, SERPs have become one of the most fiercely competitive channels; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gradually become one of the most efficient online marketing methods in the recent years.

It is no secret that “Google” has become mostly a synonym of the word “search.” Therefore, search engine optimization has grown to be less of an optional strategy and more of a necessary tool that all businesses need to master not only to exceed their competition, but also - and more crucially - to survive in the market.

Our Approach

Keyword research

Our method beings with performing a deep research on the key phrases and topics related to your business field in Saudi Arabia and, based on it, we choose the pool of keywords for your website pages to target based on many aspects including their difficulty, search volume, and relativity to your offered services and products.

Website Audit

Now that we know the keywords and topics your website will focus on, we do a comprehensive audit of the current status of your website; this includes not only an assessment how optimized the website content is currently, but also how technically efficient it is (speed, security, mobile friendliness, etc) and how good the user experience it offers is.

On-page Optimization

We fix the technical issues we have uncovered in your website during the audit that stop it from being at the top of the SERPs. The next step we take is improving your website pages content to make sure they are optimized not only to rank well on the topics we are targeting, but also to provide the best possible experience for the website visitors and users.

Off-page Optimization

After finishing the initial optimization process of your website, we turn our attention to its off-page search engine optimization and we do that by building a strong backlink profile that boosts the domain authority of your website to further help the web pages climb up the ranks of the SERPs.

Reporting and following up

Our team knows that Search engine optimization is not a one-time project, but rather an ongoing process and methodology that should always be updated according to the known best practices to follow for the website to not only rank higher but also to keep itself at the top of the SERPs.

Through reporting and updating our strategy consistently, we make sure that your website would not lose its momentum.

SEO is our profession

No matter what type business your business is, no matter what industry it works in, Smart Touch Advertising and Promotion provides its clients with the best SEO services in Saudi Arabia.

Our SEO services in Saudi Arabia integrate all the three types necessary parts of Search Engine Optimization techniques which are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

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