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Company Background

Emkan was founded in 2002, a company that provides ICT services in Riyadh to cover all Saudi regions from the Gulf to the sea.

The aim of the establishment of Emkan was the firm belief of the founders that technology services play a large and effective role in enabling companies to provide the best services.

Since the launch of Emkan, the company has been committed to providing the best ICT services, not only because it consists of faith, ethics and works ethics, but also because this is what the owners of the company believe that their customers deserve.

It has many call centre solutions, government resource management, customer services, consulting services, outsourcing services and management support department.

It is worth mentioning that Emcan opens many fields in which it operates. For example, it has different markets such as healthcare, energy, financial services, government, hospitality, education, telecommunications and other fields.

Emcan aims to become the leading ICT partner in Saudi Arabia by ensuring that customers are fully satisfied with their services.

Emcan also provides high-quality services and ICT solutions and works on joint strategic plans through a partnership with its customers. In order to achieve all this, Emcan achieves its goals by creating a healthy environment for the company that makes all employees satisfied and challenged to offer their best.

Services we offered
Web Design
Live Website

Work Experience

Emkan needs a responsive website with unique and simple content and design that can represent its range of services. So the company chose Smart Touch to carry out the task.

A team of designers, developers and writers gathered to work on the implementation of Emcan's website. All customer requirements and comments were taken into consideration during the work until a sample was sent to the customer for revision and notes and after the necessary modifications, the website was launched.

The development team created a simple and user-friendly website, using the latest technological technology and implementing all the programs that make the website easy and compatible with all smartphones and Android devices.

While the writing team wrote attractive and simple content expressing the identity of the company and explained the ease and simplicity of the objectives and services and the message of Emcan.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch design team designed a different and attractive design for Emcan's website, blending black and orange in a superb design. The black colour symbolizes luxury and elegance and is commonly used in locations that carry a certain amount of movement, while orange symbolizes vitality and movement but also expresses friendliness.

The white colour is used in the background and words have been written in black to provide easy reading for the reader, writing the titles in orange to give an aesthetic touch to the design.

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