Social Media Influencers Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Social media marketing has become essential to any business, no matter big or small.


social media influencers in Saudi Arabia has become essential to any business, no matter big or small. Choosing the social media platform may differ from one country to another and from one business to another, according to the niche, target audience and popularity in your chosen city, however, a very important part of your social media strategy should be selecting the right social media influencers for your campaign.

Market your business through Saudi Influencers

While some companies engage in traditional marketing, some companies prefer innovative ways to promote their products and services. There are many marketing tools to meet the target audience, one of which is influencer marketing.

Influencer ads prices in Saudi Arabia

With the rise in influencer marketing, you now need the right agency to connect you with the right influencer for your brand and get you the best deal with that influencer.

Influencer ad prices vary greatly, depending on the platform, the number of followers, and the content they publish. However when it comes to influencer marketing it is not just about the price, it is about getting the deal that benefits your brand and the influencer’s image, that is why working with a trusted agency is your best choice.

For instance, coming to a good collaboration with an influencer who creates real content, is therefore trusted by followers, and has a large number of followers that matches your brand’s target audience is definitely worth paying for, best yet, having an agency that can create the best message for this collaboration and can negotiate a deal that is in everyone’s best interest. In Saudi Arabia, Smarrtouch is the go-to influencer marketing agency for this objective.

What is influencer marketing?

If you are still wondering what it means to market through influencers, your brand is probably missing a new marketing tool to reach your target audience easily and quickly.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on the use of “influencers” or “the owners of the most followed accounts on social media, to send the company’s message to the target audience and reach the largest number of potential clients, instead of using traditional marketing tools. In this type of marketing, the influencer creates attractive content featuring the product or service and tells his/her personal experience after using it, motivating the audience to decide to buy the product.


An Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility with a specific audience. Social media influencers typically have access to a large audience. They can often convince others and spread content depending on their authenticity and reach.

This means that these influencers have the power to affect the purchase decisions of other people because of their authority, knowledge, position or regular engagement with their audience.

Types of influencers

Based on the number of followers:

  • Small influencers (influencers who have 1000-100,000 followers, it is preferable to deal with this category as they have unpaid follow-up and a strong relationship with their followers based on trust, that’s why these influencers attract brands compared to others, as reaching the audience here depends on quality more than quantity).
  • Medium influencers (range from 100,000 to 1 million followers, creating content and collaborating with brands that meet most of the audience’s interests).
  • Public influencers (celebrities who exceed a million followers).

Based on Interest 

  • Fashion and beauty influencers.
  • Food and restaurants Influencers. 
  • Travel and tourism Influencers. 
  • Sports and Fitness Influencers.


It is noteworthy to mention that becoming an influencer was not the goal for these people, people who work their way into being influencers are often fake and thereby have less credibility. social media influencers are not marketing tools. They are real people with a real audience and real interests, which is why they have such authenticity.

These people have built a reputation because of their knowledge and expertise on their preferred topic, which can be anything from comics and memes to economy and politics. They make regular posts about that topic and that is how they generate a large enthusiastic engaged audience and followers who pay attention to what they say.


Influencers are as varied as possible, anyone can be considered an influencer if they have a large audience of followers. But for an influencer to be an asset to your campaign they must have something in common with your niche.



Thought Leaders

Regular people with a large audience (micro influencers)

Industry Experts


At Smarttouch, we have connections and good working relationships with a multitude of social media influencers in different niches. We can help set you up with the right people for the best collaboration.

Smart touch is your window to the best social media influencers in Saudi Arabia, and the best marketing strategies often include contacting the right social media influencers for maximum reach. We offer you the best strategies, the best campaigns as well as a channel of communication with the right influencers for your campaign.

How do we market through influencers?

  • We define your marketing goals and target audience to find influencers who impact your audience effectively.
  • We develop a plan for your budget, based on the strategic plan that we have created, working with an influencer can be costly but it helps you reach your audience quickly.
  • We make a list of influencers for your campaign and start communicating with them based on all the previous steps.
  • We analyze performance before, during, and after the marketing campaign through influencers. We measure campaign performance based on engagement rate and potential audience reach.


**Connect with us!. We will help you know the best marketing strategies through social media influencers in Saudi Arabia to reach your target audience and increase awareness of your brand. Working in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Khobar, we can reach you wherever you are.

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FAQ's about our Social Media Marketing services

How do businesses profit from marketing through social media influencers?

Companies are now searching between social media platforms to reach the most prominent influencers to promote their products and to create interaction with their target audience. At Smarttouch, we can save you the effort, we provide all you need to succeed in marketing through influencers in Saudi Arabia. Whether you want to market your products or services or reach out to your audience, you will get all of this with Smarttouch. We will communicate with social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia who are suitable for your brand, in addition to analyzing their performance during your marketing campaign.

What is the most important platform for social media influencers in Saudi Arabia?

Instagram is the most important channel for influencer marketing. It recently added a swipe up feature to link to external content for the influencer. This makes the " story" an ideal tool for increasing traffic and sales.

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