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Company Background/Overview

Trisutto was founded in 2014 by a group of world-renowned coaches such as Brett Sutton, Robbie Haywood and Susie Langley. Trisutto provides an opportunity for every athlete to get trained with the best coaches in the world at all. Trisutto's website also offers online training, camps and training plans for all levels of multi-course athletes.

Team coach Brett Sutton has trained more than 3 Olympic medals and 25 world champions and has led a growing team of amateur elite and coaches, many of whom are former champions and former Blacksmiths themselves.

Trisutto is committed to providing athletes with the best triathlon training service in the world. This means hiring and developing the best coaches in the world. In order to achieve this goal, the Foundation has established a formal platform so that all future trainers have a comprehensive database of training, learning and programs.

Training means a lifelong commitment to learning and improving those skills and beyond basic online learning. So you'll get Trisutto an opportunity to learn the methodology and philosophy of training in the most successful training methodology in Triathlon. With training camps in some of the world's most unusual triathlon destinations, athletes will gain overall performance and learn some advanced training techniques for later use.

Trisutto's primary goal is to make the training methodologies that have helped many athletes get Olympic and world champions available to all Triathlon team members.

Work Experience

Trisutto Foundation, of course, needs to expand its circle and to spread more among athletes by clarifying and disseminating its brand. The brand is the title of every organization or company, and therefore it needed to be able to spread its brand and awareness in the market.

Smart Touch was chosen to do the job, as Smart Touch is one of the companies specializing in e-marketing and branding.

Smart Touch team has developed a marketing strategy for Trisutto Corporation to reflect the identity of the company and clarify its brand. In addition to the marketing plan, a team of expert designers at Smart Touch has designed an advertising billboard that reflects the company's identity and mission, gives it a competitive advantage in the market and promotes brand awareness.

Design Concept

The design team has chosen Blue to be the primary colour of Trisutto's website. The blue colour of the design symbolizes activity and freshness. This is what Trisutto offers to its users. Sport is an activity that refreshes the body and makes it fresh and vibrant. Also, white colour has been chosen for the background colour to be more clear and easy to read.

The billboard is designed with the same colours as the website design to be a simple and easy way to express the company's identity and brand.

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