Corporate Identity: The Importance of Brand Identity

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Corporate Identity: The Importance of Brand Identity

If you intend to create your own company, it is necessary to create an identity for your company. Corporate identity design is one of the most important elements for organizations because it is the way the company presents itself to its audience, it is a “birth certificate” for the company.

For example, if someone asks you: What is the most luxury car in the world? Surely your response will be known, because the company was able to make a brand with its own identity different from other brands, and was able to prove its presence and dominate the world of cars in terms of luxury because of many elements, most importantly distinctive logo, and target to a certain audience.

Identity creation is the most important aspect of a company’s brand, so in this article, we will talk about corporate identity design and how important it is to you if you are a business owner.


What is corporate identity?

Corporate Identity

Identity is more than just a company logo; it includes anything visual that is used to promote your brand and consists of a range of marketing materials including:

*The company’s website and social media accounts.

*Packaging of the company’s products.

*Cars distribution products.

*Company buildings and furniture.

*Uniforms, clothing and identification cards of the company’s employees.

*Gifts that can be distributed to customers and sellers

*All publications of the company, including (cards – bags of products, etc).

The majority of companies use visual identity to attract consumers and entrench the company in their minds.


Elements of corporate identity

* Name: It is one of the most important priorities in the creation of identity, name which is  created at the beginning, and continues to the end.

* Colors: Color is always related to the identity expressing a product.

* Logo: It is the token of your identity and is closely linked to the success of the identity and its distinction from others.

* Suitable designs for identity to highlight.

* A staff team that works to provide the best possible.

* Continuous development, promotion and review of marketing and advertising plans.


Corporate identity vs Corporate image


We often see these two terms as being like one meaning, but brand identity is different from a brand image.

A corporate identity reflects how you want your consumer to see your product or service and can control its configuration completely. The company may use several elements to establish its identity in consumers’ minds such as the use of images, logo and advertising campaigns.

A corporate image is the consumers’ perception of the product or brand, it is the mental image that the consumer creates about your company and your products.



The importance of corporate identity design

Corporate identity design has many benefits, as companies spend millions of dollars to create, consolidate and develop their identity among consumers.

–  Show your difference and distinction

The global market is full of large and small companies, and competitors are increasing to get customer satisfaction, you will need something to distinguish you from other companies to differ from your competitors. That’s where the role of brand identity comes in. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers prefer to shop from brands they already know.

 – Attract attention

Sometimes you need to choose a different name for your company, not to reflect what products you will offer in your company, but for marketing purposes and to attract the attention of consumers.

–  Enhance your presence in the market

The majority of consumers tend to deal with famous brands, so if you have a distinctive visual identity, your number of permanent customers will increase and your sales will increase.

 – Increase customer confidence

Your innovative and distinctive logo will create a good image in front of customers, the more innovative the logo has an attractive idea and expresses your products and services, leading to the attraction of consumers to you, and motivate them to learn more about your company and products and increase their confidence in you and your products.


 – Consumer loyalty

The consistent design of a corporate identity, by the objectives set, reflects and supports the company’s objectives and vision. Customers who are impressed and connected to your product will certainly become loyal to your company.

–  Image and reputation

The mental image and reputation of your company depend on the quality of the products you provide, which you show your customers while designing your corporate’s identity.


– The right marketing for your project

By having a special logo for the organization, you can design many images that contain the logo and publish it on social media accounts to gain the trust of followers more than random publishing.

– Customer’s feeling of the quality of your product

When the customer sees an innovative logo with an attractive idea, the first thing that comes to his mind is that it is a big company with great interest. It also gives an impression of the quality of the services and excellence, unlike companies that spend their attention on choosing their logo and the results of this are not interested customers.


– Corporate identity design helps to clarify what your business and services you provide to the customer.


Designing corporate identity

Corporate Identity

There are several ways to help to design your corporate identity through simple steps:


– Know your audience

Before building your corporate identity, you need to know your audience, what their gender, age, their educational level, what problems they are looking for solutions. Knowing all this will help you design an identity that suits their taste and lifestyle.

– Know your product

At first, you have to make sure you understand your product and how you will promote it, what you will offer (whether a product or service), and the value you will provide to your target audience, which helps to design a corporate identity.

For example, if your target audience is women, your visual identity will surely be different if you offer beauty products whether you are offering home cleaning products.


– Visual elements design

After knowing your audience and evaluating your product/service, you should turn to visual identity design because it is your customers’ guide to their brand perception and the most important of these visual elements:

* Logo: It is the basis of the trademark of any company, it can be a symbol, word or image that expresses your brand, and must be designed creatively and distinct, unique from other companies.

* Colors: In your opinion, as a business owner, do certain colors affect the building of an attractive identity for consumers?, The answer depends on the brand of your company and your goals.

Colors are used in designing a corporate identity because they have different meanings that express each company. Companies use a maximum of one or two colors.

* Fonts: With the font, you choose in designing your visual identity, your audience will know a lot about your brand. Make sure to choose a few fonts so they are simple and easy to associate with the brand.


Redesign of corporate identity

Corporate Identity

Redesigning a corporate identity is a marketing strategy, in which a new name, symbol or design is chosen. But when is it necessary to redesign the brand?

Sometimes many companies need to redesign the brand, but they don’t realize it. Here is a list of the most important elements that you realize you need to redesign:

–  When your brand does not reflect your name

In some cases, after reaching maturity or further market exploration, your business goals may change, leading to radical changes in the core of your brand. You will need to redesign your business identity.

– When you need to change the negative image of you

Sometimes your brand image is negative for your target audience, whether it’s because of a brand attack or quality problems. Redesigning a brand can help you gain a new position in the minds of your target audience, but of course, you have to solve the problem that caused it to gain the trust of your customers.


– When your brand is old

It is normal for your website, business cards, or any other items. So this may be an indication that your business needs some renewal. Here you will need to redesign your brand.



* In the end, you should know that identity is not just a picture or symbol, but it is the expression of the company and the product, it is the image that will stick in the memory of customers when mentioning the name of the company or type of product.







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