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5D Investment Holding Co. Ltd.

Company Background

5D Investment Company or 5D is a holding company that provides professional services in the field of specialized real estate and industrial investment. Saudi Arabia has a diversified portfolio of investments that occupy manufacturing facilities; and real estate projects involving development, ownership and leasing. It also provides consulting for related engineering activities.

The company believes in the fifth dimension, which has extensive experience in its specialized fields. Specialized hybrid fields are some of the professors in the hospitality sector and optimization processes for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The company also believes in the importance of penetrating the market.

5D company also believes that it has a role as distinguished players in the field of regional and global investment. It also provides professional services in the field of distinguished real estate and industrial investment as well as participation in capital by taking into account the demand in the current market while optimizing the use of skilled human resources and financial resources

The company provides a wide range of core activities focusing on many sectors such as: real estate investment, urban development, commercial and residential buildings, hospitality, industrial investment, production technology and optimization services.

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