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Company Background

Being a well-versed commercial limited liabilities company with a long history and rich track record in Saudi and GCC market, Nahaz Investments decided to take a new step towards penetrating the internet arena by building a strong existence online through different channels.

Given Smart Touch’s proven track record, Nahaz contacted asking for establishing a responsive website. The company wished to introduce its history, accomplishments and services on attractive and smartly designed web pages to reveal the modern face of the organization.

Nahaz Investments is a limited liability company that was established on the sixth of August, 2007 before converting into a closed joint-stock company on the 24th of December, 2011.

The company works mainly in providing smart and innovative solutions in real estate, agriculture, hospitality, and investment in Saudi stock market.

The company asked for an introductory website consisting of eight pages including the home page. The company also asked Smart Touch team to buy images to be uploaded and placed all over the website’s pages. Nahaz didn’t provide the content, they asked for original content for both versions of the website, Arabic and English versions. The main aim of the content was to convey the company’s message clearly to users.

Work Experience

Smart Touch managed to communicate together and come up with a clear work plan to execute Nahaz Investments’ demands for their website. The primary layout of the website designs were set, then sent to the client for approvals. Once passed, work started on designing and programming the web pages. In parallel, content writers set the main concepts of the Nahaz website’s content, they pinned down the most important messages to be delivered through the written text and used visuals.

Before the set deadline, the first version of the website was completed. Pages were built and content was uploaded on each and every page. The first copy was forwarded to Nahaz administration. After a couple of ideas they sent a list with their demanded edits alongwith comments on the design and text.

All edits and comments were put into consideration and mistakes were corrected. Once done, the final; copy was sent and after a while, it was approved.

Design Concept  

A unique design concept was made for Nahaz Investments based on two main colors, White and Blue. Both colors are meant to reveal the sense of professionalism and dedication adapted in all the company’s operations.

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