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Company Background

Founded in 1973, Al Rajhi Transport Services is headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and has branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail and Yanbu. It also cooperates with all Middle East countries. Al Rajhi provided exceptional transport services in the internal transport operations, which spread not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in all Gulf countries, and even in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

Al Rajhi has built its success supported by rich experience and resources, which have been acquired over several years, becoming one of the first transport companies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

Al Rajhi aims to provide high-quality services that comply with Saudi standards for transport vehicles. The company's mission is to achieve high quality and achieve international standards. In addition to leading the industrial market, and establishing a healthy business environment while maintaining safety.

Al Rajhi offers many services to its customers, including transport service. It specializes in efficient and prompt transportation in all types of cargo such as containers, liquids, general cargo and heavy materials. Al Rajhi is one of the first companies in steel manufacturing in Saudi Arabia. The company's rubber plant is a pioneer in the manufacture and production of rubber and polyurethane products in the Kingdom and neighboring countries.

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Web Design

Work Experience

Despite the success of Al Rajhi during these past years, it did not have a website to express and provide all the information and services it provides to its customers. So the company has appointed Smart Touch to do the job.

Designers and web developers at Smart Touch have worked on providing and designing a detailed website for Al Rajhi Company that is rated top quality to suit the company and its position. The design team created a website using the latest technology and design.

Then the site was presented to Al Rajhi to make amendments and observations, and then the team began to implement those amendments to reach the final form that was worthy of Al Rajhi.

The creation of the Al Rajhi website took a lot of time and effort to reach its final modification, but our team found it to be a very rich experience and certainly expanded our scope of work.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch design team chose to mix two colors in the design using yellow and green. This is due to their significance in web design. The yellow color is one of the most active warm colors. It is associated with happiness and sunshine, while green symbolizes many wonderful meanings such as growth, renewal, strength and generosity. It also transmits some energy to design, and is compatible with designs related to wealth, innovation and movement.

Web developers at Smart Touch have adopted the most important and latest technologies to create a dynamic and expressive website for Al Rajhi. And also the adoption of an easy and smooth system enables the client or reader of the ease of browsing the site. In addition to ensure that the site can be treated with all mobile devices and Android.

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