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Company Background

Awal United Company was established in 1976. The Construction Division expresses its intention to provide high quality contractual services to customers at reasonable prices.

Awal United Group LLC greatly trust their customers and trust them, to support the growth of itself. Their main priorities are to meet customer needs and standards. In addition, the company seeks to occupy an important place in the world. Where there is Awal United Company, there is no challenge to construction impossible for the market they serve.

In order to keep in mind its consumers, they immediately respond to the very difficult construction environment through an innovative attitude, unmatched technique, they also work to provide a comprehensive solution for each project, continue to strive for quality and excellence in the work area.

The company is looking forward to completing more business ventures with its customers. It truly appreciates its strong ties and confidence that it will maintain its mutually beneficial position for both its success today and in the future.

The building department is specialized in new, refurbished, residential and light commercial construction. Where it provides superior workmanship, attention to detail, and fine finish. The company's on-site workforce is very skilled, as they have completed and learned from a variety of different projects. The company offers a wide range of services including land acquisition, assistance in selecting an architect, budget for detailed construction and scheduling, follow-up of government paperwork, and last but not the least efficient contract management and professional supervision.

Work Experience

As one of the most important companies in the market, Awal United Company found that it needs a unique website that is a portal to be its identification for its customers and serves, and be as a platform to identify itself from its competitors in the market.

The company looked for someone to play this role, but chose Smart Touch to perform this task, as Smart Touch is known for its market experience and ability to meet the demand of its customers satisfactorily.

The design and development team of our company made a simple design and crossing for Awal United, and after the form was submitted and approved by Awal United, the website was launched. In addition, the content writing team wrote the content for the company website in a simple and easy way for the reader.

The development team did not forget that the site is configured and can be dealt with through many electronic devices such as computers, Android and other applications.

Design Concept

The company's logo design is made of red and black. Red is a strong tone and a strong influence that helps attract attention. This colour is often used in different designs and is also one of the brightest colours. The black colour is usually used in printing and other functional parts, because it is a neutral colour, as it can convey a sense of mystery and emotion.

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