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Company Background

Founded in 1987 by Mr Ibrahim Battoyor, the company was officially launched as a trading company for building materials. In 2011, it became a holding company for all branches of Heba in Saudi Arabia.

The objective of the Holding Company is to manage and develop diversified companies to deliver high-quality products and services and to meet the aspirations of stakeholders.

With many years of experience in providing first-class services and products to the Saudi market, Battoyor Holdings aims to invest in lucrative business sectors where it is always successful in achieving sustainable growth.

Heba Fire Fighting is a market leader in the fire and safety industry, specializing in the supply, installation, maintenance, testing and maintenance of fire, safety and security systems.

Heba provides a wide range of high quality and quality fire fighting equipment including portable, automatic and wheel-mounted fire extinguishers that meet SASO and BS EN 3 standards.

Heba offers many products for fire fighting equipment, safety equipment, engineering systems, and fire trucks.

Work Experience

Battoyor Holding company needed to establish its own brand identity and issue all elements of the company's identity. The company has given this task to Smart Touch to fulfil all its needs to establish its brand.

The Smart Touch team immediately met to establish a brand identity for the holding company of Battoyor Holding Company by focusing on the strengths of the company and its strong experience in the Saudi market.

The Smart Touch design team created all brand identity elements from logo design, website design, letterhead, A4 folder, A3 and DL folder, business cards, receipt vouchers and stamps.

The models were sent to the Battoyor holding company for observation and modification, and after making the required modifications the items were printed. The Smart Touch team took care to ensure that the company's identity elements were printed on good and high-quality paper.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch design team designed the company's logo as the first step in implementing their needs. The team chose the golden colour to be the colour used in the design of the logo, the golden colour symbolizes the richness and is often used on the \\\"luxury\\\" such as perfume, clothing design, high-end high-tech, And glamour. The golden colour has been mixed in the design of the logo with grey, which symbolizes modernity and sophistication.

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