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Company Background

BESIX is Belgium's largest group of companies established in 1909, working in the construction, franchising and real estate development sectors. It is also a public contracting company that executes many iconic projects around the world in many activities such as: buildings, marine works, environmental works, infrastructure and industrial works.

BESIX is located in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The company has more than 18,000 employees in 17 countries on 4 different continents with around 11,000 current employees in the Middle East. BESIX achieved revenues of $ 3.1 billion. It has proven to be a reliable partner throughout its years of experience such as: strict respect for planning, technical expertise and design capabilities.

The Group offers specialized solutions for the construction market such as deep foundations, geoengineering, road construction, water treatment, cable and pipeline construction.

Supported by their experience in local markets, the company has built strong centres outside of Europe. A typical example is the Middle East, where it has built a remarkable portfolio over 50 years. This diversity of activities and geography pays off by reducing exposure to risk.

The company aims to create value from the integrated approach, and it is considered your dedicated partner from contracting to concessions, as it has evolved from a contractor to an integrated service provider providing added value to any construction. Contracting is still the primary business, but its activities in concessions, assets and real estate have also gone awry. This extensive experience has enabled it to deal with every aspect of the project, from financing to design and construction to operation and maintenance.

Services we offered
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Brochure Design
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Work Experience

Smart Touch has gained the trust of BESIX after a series of successful Smart Touch projects for iconic companies in the region. The Smart Touch team has been awarded the BESIX profile to reveal the strength of a well-known company in its field.

Smart Touch had to work closely with BESIX to understand a wide range of services and a huge number of projects. All these huge numbers were on perspective along with the huge services that come in a single brochure that can reveal their power in an artistic way without losing its distinct and tangible appearance to projects all over the world.

The Smart Touch team designed the brochure and sent it to the company for editing and observation. After making the required modifications, the brochure was printed. This collaboration resulted in the production of a beautiful and attractive design brochure.

The content writing team also wrote the content of the brochure, which was simplified, attractive and expressive of the company's identity.

Design Concept

The design team chose BESIX's brochure design to be simple and expressive, and the design colours were chosen from the company's logo colours. The company's projects were expressed through the use of photographs in the design to express BESIX.

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