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Company Background

CityW is an e-commerce website that provides online furniture. It is located in Saudi Arabia and has many showrooms including Riyadh, Jedda, and Madinah Monawarra. CityW has launched in 2008. It offers plenty of modern design furniture such as sofa, bedrooms parts, coffee tables, chairs, accents, a sleeping concept as well as the bedroom and sofa parts. Moreover, it also provides wall units, desks, accessories, floor cabinets, lightings, and mattresses. It has won the Bizz awards in 2014.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

CityW needed to redesign its website so that it becomes a responsive website with unique and simple content and design, and it could represent its portfolio of services. Therefore, the company chose Smart Touch to carry out the mission.

A team of designers, developers, and writers met to work on implementing the CityW website. All customer requirements were taken into account during application as well as his comments until a form was sent to the customer for the feedback and after making the necessary amendments the site was launched.

The development team came out with a simple and easy-to-use site by the user, in addition to using the latest technology and applying all programs that make the site easy and in harmony with all smart devices from phones and Android.

Design Concept

The CityW logo is designed with an attractive and easy way to be simple and represents the CityW company.

It has been designed with yellow and black colors in a very harmonious way. The black color is a strong and dominant color, used since ancient times to express evil in stories and tales, or death and mourning, and is usually symbolized by enemies and villagers as well, but in reality, it is a distinctive color used in fashion in an interesting way to this day.

While yellow color is a cheerful color indicating happiness, optimism, joy, and friendship, as it is the color of the warm sun, but it may express jealousy, disease, and danger, and it must be noted that it is a childish color for some, and it must be used with care when designing, because it is very unstable and spontaneous, and it can be mixed With black to form a striking signal.

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