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Company Background

Roomz is an e-commerce website in Saudi Arabia that provides online furniture. It offers its users all kinds of furniture that they will need in one place. You can choose from different types of styles and materials. Through Roomz you can furnish all your flat or office. It doesn’t offer only furniture but you can also found accessories and lightings on the website and accents as well.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

Roomz initially contacted Smart Touch to find a website redesign service, as it is keen to develop its website to be an attractive and responsive site for its clients. This has led Smart Touch to develop the site and improve its performance.

After carrying out a careful analysis of their website at that time, Smart Touch team held a brainstorming session to develop the Roomz website. They started with setting a concept, sketching the designs, applying to the client’s demands. After that, the company's proposals were sent for the amendment and observation, and then the work began after the necessary adjustments were made.

The design team has been dedicated to providing a unique and expressive design for Roomz and has designed to provide a simple and user-friendly site. This collaboration between Smart Touch and Roomz has resulted in an attractive and yet user-friendly website.

Design Concept

The Roomz logo is designed to be comfortable and easy to reflect on the simplicity of the website. It has been designed by using beautiful colors which are pink and orange colors.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow colors, indicating energy, enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity. It is a warm color that enhances appetite when using it to indicate something to buy and excitement when used to promotion.

While Pink color bears a friendly character, symbolizing romance and love, and it is a feminine color that indicates softness, tenderness, and kindness, and it is also comfortable for the viewer as it is attractive and soft.

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