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Dar Basil Real Estate Development

Company Background

Dar Basil Holding Company has a number of companies covering many sectors in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. These companies offer Saudi national teams with extensive knowledge and management skills.

Dar Basil Real Estate Development Company is the arm of the Holding Company in the real estate sector in the Kingdom. It specializes in real estate development, which results in the management of residential and commercial projects, the provision of periodic maintenance services and many other real estate services.

Basil Real Estate Development puts its customers first and foremost, always seeking beyond selling. A customer always comes first.

Dar Basil offers residential services and solutions that exceed long-term vision by providing regular maintenance services such as carpentry and painting as well as electrical and mechanical maintenance in buildings such as plumbing, electricity and air conditioning.

The company aims to maximize the satisfaction of all customers, employees and shareholders by providing innovative solutions and optimizing the investment to achieve the best returns. In addition to being the first choice for its customers in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf for its quality, responsiveness, implementation and market experience. And to achieve the highest level of satisfaction to customers through their service to the highest standards, and also to verify that all their requirements are met, no matter how difficult. In order to enhance the company's reputation in the local and Gulf markets.

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