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Company Background

Arab Companies for Modern Industries is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia, it includes several factories, including Dala Water Factory and Dala Juice.

Dala Water & Juices Factory is one of the leading and distinctive factories in the field of manufacturing and distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in people's lives.

Dala is now one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of long-lasting juice and water in Saudi Arabia. Being on top is not easy; however, Dala has proudly offered a true blend of taste and quality.

Providing a complete package of health to customers is what Dala aims to achieve and has succeeded in its mission.

Dala is committed to reaching new heights when it comes to taste and quality, so it strives to set new standards that challenge its boundaries.

It always strives to ensure that every drop of Dala juice or water brings a smile and health to people's lives. It is also designed to reach every family through safe, healthy and innovative products for the delight of its consumers. And ensure a work environment for its employees.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

Dala found that it needed a website to display all of its products, as well as content that conveyed the company's message and easily described products, providing customers with all the information they could need to know more about the factory.

Designing Dala's website is a task that Smart Touch couldn't say no to it. Dala is now its own sales representative.

Our web designers and developers have used the latest programming languages and technologies that have turned the site into a dynamic/interactive platform for customers worldwide.

Design Concept

The design team at Smart Touch chose a distinctive design for the Dala logo. An icon of the leaf branch was used in a sign of nature with the use of green, which in turn symbolizes nature. Also, blue has been blended in the design of the logo to show the writing of the name of the company, because of the symbolic blue colour of activity and freshness.

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