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Company Background

Energy Efficiency Era was established in 2015. It is a company engaged in the field of energy efficiency. The company is distinguished by other companies in the field of energy audit, through the constant readiness to apply the energy efficiency standards recommended by the audit team.

Energy Efficiency Era has the expertise and capabilities to work with companies, institutions and government agencies to improve energy efficiency in large buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities.

The company also has the expertise needed to provide innovative solar energy storage solutions for special applications and projects. The company believes that energy efficiency is the most important source of energy in the future.

Energy Efficiency Era has a team of professionals working day and night to provide innovative solar and energy storage solutions for special applications, thus ensuring the quality of results.

The aim of the company is to provide its customers with comprehensive energy saving solutions, so as a first step to assess customer needs through a free consultation to determine the energy requirements and conduct a comprehensive review and questionnaire.

Work Experience

Every new company, when it starts to work, needs to build its brand and establish its identity, which will put the company among the established competitors. Energy Efficiency Era has delivered this task to Smart Touch, which has the expertise to perform the required tasks according to the customer's desire.

Smart Touch has been appointed to implement the Energy Efficiency Era brand identity. Through our team, the design team created all the elements of business identity from logo design to all official letterhead, A4 Folder, A3 and DL envelope sizes, business cards, vouchers and stamps as well as event board design, brochure design and location.

Design Concept
Our team has been designed the logo for the company by using to the green color in the logo, which symbolizes greenery and a clean environment. The use of green in the design of the website gives visitors a positive energy, as it is a strong color and influential.

Given the importance of the brochure for Energy Efficiency Era, as the company's title and services, Smart Touch provided the appropriate design for the brochure. Because a successful design work needs to deliver a true and accurate image of the client. It is one of the most important elements used for marketing purposes. Our goal was to deliver the right image to Energy Efficiency Era, to increase the company's credibility with its target audience.

Smart Touch also designed envelopes and letters to Energy Efficiency Era by offering different and distinctive designs while ensuring that the best quality printing material is available for the company. This collaboration between the two companies has led to the achievement of the objectives and performance of the tasks required by Energy Efficiency Era, which helped move forward with the Company's competitive position strategy.

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