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Company Background

Eco Power is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia that provides an essential and unique service in the Saudi market which is industrial cleaning. The company produces mainly a powerful industrial detergent made to disperse oil stains in case of oil spills in industrial sites. The detergent is capable of making the oil stains break down in a very natural manner.

Named ASAMCO, the new product pledges to make the oil stains vanish from the first use wherever and whenever it’s used.

The main goal of Eco Power company is to provide exceptional cleaning and maintenance products for commercial use featuring top quality standards including being environment friendly and trustworthy.

Eco Power was mainly established in Saudi Arabia to boost the market of environment friendly products and offer more solutions in this arena that could support clients in making their industrial operation cleaner.

Eco Power
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Brand Identity

Work Experience

Eco Power believed in Smart Touch’s potential and entrusted us to build their official website. In a means to make their brand well recognized between customers and resonate with their memories, the company asked for an attractive design and user friendly interface to make easier for visitors to get introduced to the website.

The web development and design operations kickstarted on Eco Power website by standing on the main demands and objectives set by the client. After agreeing on all terms, our professional team of web designers and developers started the application phase.

After wrapping up the first draft of the website design, it was sent to the client for checking. The client replied with a list of comments and further demands to be applied on the website. All requests were put into consideration, they were revised, and the viable ones of them which consisted with the major idea of the website were applied.

The second edited draft was reverted to the client which they finally approved. After finalizing all web pages designs and content, the website as launched and went online.

Eco Power has also asked as to create their business logo, which is the one they are using now and placing on all their products.

A full stack of stationery items were designed and developed for Eco Power also starting from letterheads to stamps and envelopes.

Design Concept

The website’s color palette consists mainly of white, green, and blue. The color choice was based on the client’s preferences, they are inspired by the nature colors and were chosen to reflect the essence of the environment friendly products.

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