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Food City was established in 2009 in Bahrain. The company is characterized by quality, taste, hygiene and food safety as well as excellence in services in the food industry and hospitality in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
It specializes in its human resources and has many experienced and competent staff with catering, restaurants, local and international food companies.
The restaurant offers a unique and unconventional cooking experience, and features fresh and tasty meals.

Food City's catering department serves the needs of the government, private organizations and leading food companies. In addition to organizing large parties and events such as birthdays, weddings, buffet settings, and outdoor dining, by providing the highest level of service and professionalism by the staff.

Also, it features modern production facilities equipped with technological developments, giving it a competitive advantage, and aims to provide as much healthy food as possible and selects ingredients very carefully. Food City is committed to meeting expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Food City
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Work Experience

Food City wanted to build its brand, which is the key to creating an identity, to become a popular place in Bahrain for those seeking a great culinary experience.
It gave the mission of the establishment of the restaurant brand and Food City company to Smart Touch, which has experience through a team specialized in the implementation of what the customer needs.

The establishment of the Food City brand has taken many steps by Smart Touch, as it has begun to work on a marketing plan through social media by publishing the most important events of Food City, as well as professional images of meals and cuisine served by the restaurant. Not only that, publishing images on social media pages requires high-quality images that reflect the services and products offered by the restaurant. So it was right for Smart Touch to shoot high-quality photos with a professional photographer, to suit a brand like Food City.

The content writing team writes compelling and engaging content, delivering the message clearly and easily. The team was also interested in creating new ideas for the content of social media pages that he managed to market the restaurant and build his brand.

This collaboration between Food City and Smart Touch resulted in a short period, when the restaurant became increasingly popular and became a hallmark of catering and partying in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Design Concept

Food City’s website uses the red color in its design, was because of the importance of that color in the design of similar websites, that branding food, the red color considers one of the warm and attractive colors, and is usually used in websites that serve food as restaurants.

The website is designed in an easy and simple way, making the use and browsing by the client very clear and easy to use. This was in order to work on building a comprehensive brand by using all means of marketing and identity for Food City.

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