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Company Background

ICEAT was established in Saudi Arabia in 2009 and has worked hard over the years to ensure a high-quality education for future generations.

Now the company has established standards regarding the appointment of teachers, project management and professional services.

ICEAT is now setting a standard for all aspects of education management.

Inspired by the strong belief that the great teacher is the foundation of any good educational system; ICEAT partnership with education and training organizations to help unleash the full potential of its human capital.

ICEAT was founded in view of the need for strong and stable foundation programs in Saudi Arabia that can guarantee the quality of education for future generations. It has never intended to transform her industry but has over the years raised standards in terms of hiring teachers, managing projects and ensuring professional services for clients and employees.

The company aims to adopt educational and training programs that meet the changing needs of individual learners. It also believes in mixed learning and the use of technology, but also believes in the importance of the great teacher. It aims to lead the industry by pushing the index to the top and benefiting from regional demand for human development.

It also aims to take responsibility for growth and profitability and nurture strong links between employees and customers, and maintain a strong goal in the face of challenges.

The company has been grown carefully by being guided by humility, compassion and strong desire for excellence. Customers and employees are credited for their continued trust and support. With outstanding clients, strong partners and outstanding employees, ICEAT sets a standard for all aspects of education management.

Although many things have changed since 2009, the principles on which ICEAT was founded remained the same. They are partners with organizations in education and training to help them unleash the full potential of human capital.

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