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Company Background

Malaz Capital is an asset management company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on the set regulations of the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia. The company obtained its working license in September 2010 and it is specialized in asset management.

The company’s main vision is to be a preferred asset management company in the kingdom and also on regional and international level. This will be attainable through building an extensive track record of delivering high returns to the company’s clients.

Malaz’s mission is to continue on establishing new asset acquisitions funds along with adding extra general funds. Also, the company works on capitalizing the current and existing assets to be developed in accordance with Sharia laws and offer high returns and set a new benchmark.

Malaz Capital has acquired through its operation history a large network of contacts and a well-experienced staff of different professions all focused on one aim, building a new success story everyday in Malaz.

Malaz has cooperated through its history with many enterprises to enhance its portfolio. The latest deal was signed in March 2018 Rising Tide, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. A MOU was sealed between both companies to collaborate on investment opportunities in the innovative Silicon Valley companies.

Work Experience

In a clear and vivid request to join the digital world and introduce itself in a new fashion, Malaz Capital has decided to establish a professional website to present its core value, missions, and services it offers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Malaz turned to Smart Touch and assigned it to build its own website. Like any other client, Smart Touch’s professionals operated on the Malaz Capital task using the same work procedures. Work started with setting objectives and knowing about the client’s aspirations.

From day one, our designers have realized the gravity of the project. Malaz Capital is a well renowned and respectable company in Saudi Arabia that has a large clientele and deals with many top firms around the world. Its official website should be up to expectations and equivalent to the quality of the niche.

The first draft of the website design was wrapped up in record time and sent to the client for approval. The client reverted with a group of comments and edits to be applied to many areas varying between the website interface to its speed and structure. We took all comments into consideration and researched their applicability. A meeting was set with the client’s representative to agree on the edits that should be applied, then we managed to apply all edits we agreed on before the deadline.  

Design Concept

The main aim of the website’s design is to convey a true perception about Malaz Capital’s current posture in the market. The designed interface is meant to be professional and simple, the website was designed to be easy to use and help its loggers find exactly what they are looking for in an the easiest manner.

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