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Company Background

MAZTECH was established in 2007 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the growing needs of organizations and individuals. It is a division of Mazen Al Saeed Holding Group. Which was founded in 2000 and is engaged in various fields such as industrial services, operation and maintenance services, hospitality, catering, logistics, transportation, logistics, cement, steel, real estate and financial investments.

And it aims to lead in all the fields it works in and seeks to satisfy its customers through the continuous development of human resources skills and production capacity. The Group is also working on drawing strategic plans for excellence in all its products and services due to the diversity and multiplicity of activities of the company.

The company is characterized by its human element, which is the real wealth and the cornerstone of its success, and therefore it is a priority to ensure constant development of the capabilities and competencies of its employees.

The company's fields of activity are varied, with many companies including MAZTECH, which works in the field of communications and technology, and provides customers with communication that helps them do business more intelligently and professionally.

MAZTECH has many well-known partners in the world of communications technology such as Oracle, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei and others.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

MAZTECH, like other modern companies, needs to develop itself and pay attention to all the marketing details that help the company to compete in the market. Therefore, it needed to create a website for it, which would be an image for its services and a reflection of its objectives and mission.

MAZTECH has asked Smart Touch to create its website, and in response to the company's desire, our teams met to do the job. The development team was interested in providing a unique website, easy to use and browse, while the design team chose the best designs. The writing team wrote the content of the website in Arabic and English in an attractive way, describing MAZTECH's premium set of services and convey its message clearly to readers.

After finishing the website and writing the content, they were sent to MAZTECH for editing and observation. Smart Touch team made the necessary adjustments, and the website was launched after it was confirmed that it fully complied with the MAZTECH requirements.

This collaboration between the two companies has led to the launch of a distinguished website that is suitable for MAZTECH, and it is simple and easy to use by the user or the reader.

Design Concept

The design team has chosen the blue colour for the website. As blue symbolizes trust, integrity and peace, and is usually chosen to reflect the big institutions and companies. Therefore, it was suitable for MAZTECH, to express the company's elegance and integrity. The background was white for easy reading and colour variations on the page.

Developers team have created a unique and simple website, and it is easy to browse and navigate between different pages. The team also adopted the latest technology to create the website. On other hands, they have made sure that the website is ready for all types of mobile phones and Android.

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