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Company Background

Ootlah is a travel agency that will help you find the best activities and travel packages by offering a variety of possibilities in the most suitable areas for you, given the abundance of options available for popular vacation destinations. Reserve alluring trip packages on Ootlah to optimise your savings. 

It can put you in touch with the best travel companies in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Activities of every kind may be found on Ootlah, from outdoor activities like horseback riding and boat and yacht rentals to indoor ones like trampoline parks and karting. to provide you with the freedom to engage in all of your desired activities and visit all of your desired locations.

Services we offered
Brand Identity
Social Media Marketing
Web Design

Work Experience

Ootlah is a different client, as it needs all the work to be done. It was opening the business, so it needed everything from scratch. It chose Smart Touch to carry out the mission. A group of writers, developers, and designers got together to work on the Ootlah website\\\'s implementation. The program considered all of the customer\\\'s requirements as well as his remarks. Once that was done, a form was given to the customer for feedback, and the site was released once the necessary adjustments were made.

What we did with Ootlah

Website design

To make it easier for users to navigate, the website was created according to the most recent international standards for UI/UX designs. In addition to delivering an optimal user experience that bestows visitors with an excellent view of the site\\\'s functionality and offerings, this aids in the accomplishment of the website

Design Concept

The Ootlah logo is designed attractively and easily to be simple, and it represents the Ootlah company.

Since the logo was designed to represent a travel company, we decided to combine elements that represent summer and travel, like the umbrella and skateboard, with the shape of the beach, the ocean, and diving, as well as the location, to show the company\\\'s global reach.

The colours red, blue, and yellow have been used in a very calming manner in its design. When it comes to colours, blue is one of the most prevalent. Both the ocean masses that envelop a large portion of the planet and the sky are blue. It symbolises nature as well.

Given that yellow is the colour of the warm sun, it is a happy colour that denotes optimism, happiness, joy, and camaraderie. Although red is associated with powerful emotions, the colour red is a design that can significantly heighten desire.

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