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Student World Service

Company Background

Student World Service is a small and convenient photocopier in the Kingdom of Bahrain, featuring multifunction printers that can print and print in colour as well as handling heavy duty cycles and large format printing.

Student World Service is fully equipped to handle anything from single-page printing to large-scale tasks using multiple media types.

Services we offered

Work Experience

The Student World Service needed to create a brand identity to be competitive in the market.

This led to the appointment of Smart Touch to initiate the creation of the Student World Service brand identity that will position the company among established competitors.

The Smart Touch team has created all elements of brand identity from logo design, flyer design, A4 folder, A3 and DL envelopes and business cards, all of which will help move forward with the company\\\'s competitive center strategy.

As a result, the designs of the models are enormous and high accuracy and simplicity. Student World Service has chosen the appropriate designs of these designs, and work started immediately by the design team at Smart Touch.

Design Concept

The design team of Smart Touch company made a simple and easy logo at the same time with a degree of accuracy in describing and presenting an expressive message about the company. Service significantly.

The colours of the logo were chosen blue and dark red. The blue colour symbolizes freedom and recovery and is one of the most used colours in corporate design. While red is one of the most attractive colours.

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