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Source Business Solutions (SBS) is a Bahrain-based outsourcing and management consulting firm.

Founded in 2012, SBS provides immediate solutions to various industry sectors and different business metrics. By combining in-depth knowledge and unparalleled expertise and an impressive track record for shareholders, SBS is constantly pushing the boundaries to become a leading outsourcing and solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Source Business Solutions has acquired extensive relationships with companies in the banking, telecommunications, industry, energy, health, transportation, food, technology, retail, insurance, and government sectors by empowering companies with timely and appropriate solutions while always maintaining a high level of service quality. By leveraging its vast resources effectively and efficiently, SBS provides businesses with the ability to leverage and much-needed flexibility for high performance.

Work Experience

SBS wanted, like any new company entering the labor market, to have a name and brand to ensure its competitiveness and survival in the market. Among the many options are Smart Touch, which has considerable experience in this field.

The Smart Touch team made all the necessary designs to make the company's brand and sent it to SBS to make observations and amendments. After making the necessary adjustments, the team started to implement all the agreed designs.

This collaboration between the two companies resulted in the creation and design of all SBS brand designs.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch design team chose a distinctive design for the company logo and the blue colour was chosen in the design of the logo. It symbolizes calm and comfort and influences how the viewer looks at your design.

Blue also indicates activity and recovery, as dark blue is excellent for corporate sites.

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