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Company Background

Swift Job is one of the most important home repair companies. It provides all the home maintenance services that the customer may need, including electricity, cleaning, cooling system maintenance, plumbing and other household chores.

Swift Job was established in 2015, with the aim of providing a guaranteed service to its customers. The company is registered and aims to meet the customers' requests and satisfy them.

Swift Job has a team of highly trained and professional technicians at the highest level in order to carry out all the tasks required of customers in an ideal and professional manner, whether it is repair, installation, assembly, cleaning or anything else, and it makes sure to finish it as soon as possible.

Swift Job
Services we offered
Content Writing
Web Design

Work Experience

Swift Job wanted to develop its marketing plan to further promote itself and offer its services to customers. One of the most important steps for development was the development of its website and its content which, explain its services. Swift Job brought those tasks to Smart Touch, which in turn met the needs of the company through a dedicated team.

Smart Touch's development team provides quality development and support services to customers in a variety of fields of operation. In addition to unifying marketing expertise with design and development teams to be an ideal mix in business development. These experiences help to deliver customer needs more accurately, in a more supportive and collaborative manner.

The website was developed by the team of developers and designers in our company. The team developed the site and presented it in a simple and easy way to deal with customers. Developers also provided the simplest way to navigate between the pages of the website, to make sure it is easy to use. Designers have not overlooked choosing the right images, which would deliver a simplified message to the user.

The content writing team has provided attractive content in both Arabic and English languages to describe the excellent range of services provided by Swift Job, as well as conveying its message clearly to readers and customers, as well as illustrations by the design team.

When the Smart Touch team has completed the required job, they have presented it to Swift Job, to ensure that the required work is completed as required by the company. Which created a cooperative team between the two companies, and the result was satisfactory to both parties.

This collaboration succeeded in developing the website of Swift Job, making it simple and distinctive in design and content. It is characterized by its beauty, elegant design and attractive colors. Orange color has been chosen by the designers, due to its attraction features that it is characterized with as one of the warm colors. Also, it symbolizes for movement and activity.

It also provides the ability to be used by the client from any device, as it is ready to work on various mobile devices and Android. The website provides modern technologies that are easy to use and navigate between pages easily. Smart Touch's development team has not forgotten the use of the latest technology to increase the efficiency of the site and ensure that the level required.

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