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Company Background

Taazur Co., Ltd. was first established in 1977 by the late Abdullah Saleh Al-Ghulaiqah with 100% Saudi ownership, on behalf of Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Gulaija Est. At that time, Taazur was specialized in maintenance projects with Saudi Aramco.

Today Taazur continues to carry out contracting projects, but besides logistics and support, import and export of materials, pipelines, welding, manufacturing and trade.

Not everyone can do everything, but Taazur certainly proved the opposite. Taazur now operates in many sectors such as (Support Services - Construction - Transport - Logistics - Welding - Trading).

Over the past years this well-established company has been able to serve its customers while maintaining the same levels of quality standards and safety systems.

Taazur provides many services including: contracting and maintenance services, logistics and transportation services, as well as industrial and commercial trade services, in addition to catering services, food support, information technology support and services.

Services we offered
Web Design
Live Website

Work Experience

With a company that has a lot of weapons on the market, the need for a highly functional Web site has emerged. Smart Touch was honored to do this work for Taazur.

Our team was able to create a website with many advanced features that made the site easier to use and allowed customers to navigate easily through its pages resulting in increased interaction.

The content writing team has written the content of the site in an easy, attractive and simple way, in order to communicate the idea and message of the company to the public and customers clearly and directly.

Design Concept

White and blue colours were chosen in the implementation of the company logo, as white is generally considered a neutral colour for the background as it allows other colours in the design to have a greater sound. It can also help to convey cleanliness and simplicity.

Blue is calm and comfortable and affects how the viewer looks at the design. It also indicates activity and recovery, as the dark blue colour is excellent for corporate and other sites.

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