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Company Background

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company was established to contribute and provide new investment opportunities through innovative real estate products and services.

The company aims to be the leader in establishing new real estate markets in Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to become the best provider of real estate solutions by providing new opportunities and ideas, adopting the best practices and standards, creating quantitative variability, maintaining quality and thus ensuring a guaranteed return on investment.

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company relies on the development of real estate and investment opportunities through the services of various departments such as real estate investment, real estate development, trade and media, housing development and property management.

Tharaa Real Estate Investments seeks to provide new and innovative real estate opportunities by introducing new real estate investments in the market, developing smart projects and property management services.

Tharaa's new approach to the real estate market will undoubtedly generate significant investment returns and high returns for all investors who deal with the company.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company seeks to increase its position in the real estate market. Therefore, it was in dire need to establish a new website for the company, which expresses and clarifies its services and message in a simple and easy way.

Smart Touch has created a website for Tharaa Company upon request. The Smart Touch team met to design a unique and simple website at the same time. This meeting resulted in a design of the website model, and then we sent it to the company for observation and modification. After the necessary modifications were made, the site was launched.

This collaboration between Smart Touch and Tharaa Real Estate Investments has resulted in the creation of a state-of-the-art technology website designed to be attractive, simple and easy to use by the user or browser.

The content writing team has written attractive and informative content about Tharaa Real Estate Investments' mission and objectives and provides a simplified way of clarifying the company's services.

Design Concept

The design team at Smart Touch designed the website of Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company through the use of purple colour in the design. The purple colour reflects sophistication and elegance. It is the colour of kings and princes, and it is a smooth and flowing colour.

The white colour was chosen to design the internal pages of the website and the black colour of the writing was chosen, so that there was a consistency of colour and eye comfort when reading.

The development team developed the website with the latest technology and prepared the website to be compatible with all devices of smartphones and Android.

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