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Company Background

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company was established to contribute and provide new investment opportunities through innovative real estate products and services.

The company aims to be the leader in establishing new real estate markets in Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to become the best provider of real estate solutions by providing new opportunities and ideas, adopting the best practices and standards, creating quantitative variability, maintaining quality and thus ensuring a guaranteed return on investment.

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Company relies on the development of real estate and investment opportunities through the services of various departments such as real estate investment, real estate development, trade and media, housing development and property management.

Tharaa Real Estate Investments seeks to provide new and innovative real estate opportunities by introducing new real estate investments in the market, developing smart projects and property management services.

Tharaa's new approach to the real estate market will undoubtedly generate significant investment returns and high returns for all investors who deal with the company.

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