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The Treasure

Company Background

Located on the island of Dilmunia, off the northeast coast of Bahrain\\\'s Muharraq Island, The Treasure is a haven in the middle of a community that puts luxury and vitality at its heart. It is conveniently located close to Bahrain International Airport, as well as commercial and industrial. It is also designed to provide a balanced lifestyle for residents.

The project provides world-class services and amenities that enhance luxury and give residents the kind of life they have always wanted and dreamed of. The Treasure is truly a first-class development featuring a wide range of affordable luxury property options.

The Treasure strategic location offers effective time management with countless opportunities to catch up with the past days, foster stronger personal relationships and enjoy endless health benefits with an environment inspired by the beauty of the Garden of Eden.

Enjoy the best of life with one, two and three bedrooms options

Penthouse units in The Treasure. It has its own health club, an air room, a gym and an outdoor swimming pool to take care of one\\\'s health. It also provides a business conference room.

And a centre for the individual\\\'s professional needs. Entertainment remains a priority with the cinema and games room. Pamper yourself while swimming in the jacuzzi or get a new hairstyle in male and female salons. If the time is quiet, you\\\'ll need a café and garden where places are invited to read a book or even write your own story.

Services we offered

Work Experience

After completing the construction of The Treasure Tower, the owners found that they needed to build their brand in order to compete in the market.

Smart Touch has been appointed to create the attractive Treasure Tower logo design and brochure design that provides all the required information about the project clearly and beautifully. The main objective of the mission was to design a professionally designed blueprint highlighting the different aspects of the project.

After our design team started to fulfill the client\\\'s request, they sent the business forms to the company for modification and observation. Following the required modifications, the logo and brochure of The Treasure Tower were completed.

SmartTouch\\\'s content writing team has also written an attractive, simple and seamlessly readable content that delivers a beautiful and clear message.

This collaboration between the two companies has resulted in an attractive design of The Treasure Tower logo as well as a detailed brochure with attractive designs and simple and easy content.

Design Concept

The design team of Smart Touch chose the golden colour to be the colour of the logo, because of its symbolic richness, it is used mostly to denote \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"luxury\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Therefore, it was used in designing the logo of The Treasure Tower for all the meanings of luxury.

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