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Company Background

Weetas Real Estate Company is one of the newest brokerage companies in Bahrain which has become one of the leading companies in this field. Despite the modernity of the market, Weetas has managed to operate most of the major real estate projects in the Kingdom.

The company also offers many other services such as (interior design - restaurant guide in Bahrain - real estate market prices - tourist destinations - list of banks in Bahrain - summaries of real estate projects).

Weetas was founded in 2014. The company has started with high expectations for expansion and growth in the real estate market and is working to achieve these expectations at a fast pace. It has built portal number 1 to facilitate the search for the right property. In addition to training its sales staff at the highest level in addition to hone their skills to achieve their values ​​and quality procedures in Weetas to promote the best real estate and residential units.

Weetas helps people buy the best properties in Bahrain. It handles real estate throughout Bahrain, currently has over 4,000 properties and operates more than 400 units in Bahrain.

Weetas offers many premium services to help you find what you want. It is the ideal destination for investors and owners, because it offers only qualified real estate. The company has a strong and rigorous set of values ​​and quality procedures to ensure that the best properties are promoted.

They also offer a service of building and managing key installations, with a range of huge market database at hand to ensure the highest occupancy rate in the city. Giving owners in Bahrain the highest service is One of Weetas' most important goals.


Work Experience

A company that has achieved a lot of success in a short time requires a full brand campaign including (logo, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, flyers and bulletin board) and site design.

It has therefore hired Smart Touch for this mission, which, through hard work, enables its professional team to present Weetas' identity in a more modern form.

Design Concept

Smart Touch design team has designed Weetas logo that combines orange and red in their shades. The red colour in the design has a strong tone and strong effect that helps attract attention, it is also a strong bright elegant colours.

While, the orange colour indicates change or movement in general, as well as the health and vitality, orange colour is a friendly colour.

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