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Company Background

Homefix is a newly established company in Bahrain, offering new facilities’ management methods, and also offers various home maintenance services. These services are such as plumbing, electricity, carpentry, drainage and other maintenance tasks.

Homefix provides the effort to carry out household maintenance through a team of professionals who are always ready to provide exceptional service.

Instead of choosing independent workers, Homefix provides its customers with a team that is distinguished and highly experienced and efficient in carrying out household maintenance tasks of all kinds. Whether the required tasks are small or large.

Services we offered
Brand Identity
Content Writing
Social Media Marketing
Web Design

Work Experience

As a newly established company, Homefix was in need of a team that would take care of everything in the local market. Starting with creating a logo for the company, creating a website and writing the content of the website, building its brand in the market, creating pages on various social media websites, and working a complete marketing strategy for the company. In addition to making sure that the website is ranking on the search engines in Google, to ensure its presence in the front pages of the search.

Through our team, our company has provided all that Homefix needs to build its brand in a creative and intelligent way. Where our team designed the structure and site of Homefix on the Internet, in a way that guarantees its classification in the search results pages on Google. The team also set up the company logo and design, to build the company's brand.

Our team developed a marketing strategy plan for Homefix, through a marketing plan for the website and social media pages, and writing their content.
Also, we did not forget to design the website in a manner compatible with mobile devices, in order to ensure easy opening and dealing with the site by the client or user.

We have provided some additional features to the Homefix website, such as online inquiry, which facilitates customer demand, as well as the ability to send pictures of things that need maintenance directly to the Homefix team, which responds directly to the customer and sends the time needed to finish the task.

As a result of the cooperation between our company and Homefix, the website of Homefix has become very optimized for the search engine for Google, and its design has made it unique in form and content. The added benefits of the site provided the opportunity for customers to choose Homefix to solve the problems of home maintenance they need, as these features provided time to the customer.

Google's search results showed more progress for both the site and social media pages. All this has led to increased customer demand, expanded Homefix brand awareness in the market, and increased customer’s brand credibility.

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