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Company Background

ACGC has more than 40 years of experience in providing construction, renovation and maintenance services as well as maintenance at the military air bases in Saudi Arabia.

ACGC can offer customers innovative, customized and cost-effective solutions for projects on any scale. Projects include several types of large-scale heavy civilian structures, sheds, office buildings, housing complexes and training facilities.

ACGC's management of these projects is greatly enhanced by its engineering and construction expertise in all disciplines, including civil, structural, architecture, mechanical, heating /ventilation/air conditioning, electrical systems and communications.

The ACGC staff offers exceptional competence and expertise with a constant focus on customer satisfaction.

The organizational structure of ACGC defines two lines of business: construction, renovation, operation and maintenance. The existing lines of business of the company implement the projects obtained by the commercial department.

ACGC recognizes its direct responsibility for safety, health and environment as well as quality assurance and SHE / QA department accordingly has a direct line of transmission to the board.

ACGC's policy is to ensure the health and safety of its employees, including any other persons who may be affected by ACGC, at all times by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

All ACGC employees are aware of their responsibility to take care of others and themselves and are obliged to cooperate with the management to achieve the ACGC goals and to avoid any negative impact on the environment.

The company seeks to be a leader in the provision of management services for renovation and maintenance and to become one of the top 10 of construction companies in Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions to the highest standards in different areas covering all aspects of the project cycle.

Work Experience

Every new company is looking for the best ways to build its brand and create its identity that will position itself among its competitors in the market. ACGC gave the job for Smart Touch because it has the experience of working according to the customer's desire.

The design team from Smart Touch met to design all the designs needed to build ACGC's identity and brand. Our team started creating all the elements of business identity from logo design to all official company files from letterhead, A4 folder, A3 and DL envelope size, business cards.

Then the designs have been sent to ACGC for observation and modification, and after making the required modifications the team printed the designs. The collaboration of Smart Touch and ACGC has led to a simple and expressive design of the company.

Design Concept

Our team designed an attractive and simple logo for ACGC. Blue and grey were chosen in the logo design. The blue colour in design symbolizes calm and comfort, an excellent choice for companies design, while grey is used as a neutral alternative to black and white, commonly used in companies’ design.

In addition, Smart Touch designed envelopes and letters to ACGC by offering different and distinctive designs while ensuring that the best quality printing material is available for the company.

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