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Company Background

Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al-khodari Sons Company is a multi-faceted public contracting company whose success depends on a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Established in 1966, the company has witnessed steady growth, along with its extensive resources and expertise, making it one of the leading contracting companies in the Middle East.

The company's activities include civil engineering, roads, bridges, railways, buildings, infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pipelines to support petrochemical production, city cleaning, environment, road transport, operation and maintenance.

This, in addition to comprehensive engineering and management capabilities, ensures our ability to meet and exceed customer requirements from start to completion.

Al-khodari (KSC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and aims to be the world leader in engineering, construction and project management.

By introducing company policies and practices, you will understand the benefits and facilities offered to you and your family.

The provision of a rewarding work environment based on respect and ethics is what Al-khodari Sons Company aims at, in addition to providing clarifications and promises.

Services we offered
Brand Identity
Brochure Design
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Work Experience

Al-khodari wanted to look for the best ways to build its brand and establish its identity, which will determine its position among its competitors in the market. It also needed someone to design the company's brochure, which of course reflects the company's message and identity.

Al-khodari gave these tasks to Smart Touch, which started immediately to perform the tasks required of them in a manner appropriate to Al-khodari Company.

The Smart Touch team has developed a marketing plan that will promote the company's branding. The design team has also designed different and attractive designs for Al-khodari. While the content writing team wrote the content of the brochure in a simple and expressive of the identity of the company and the appropriate services of the company.

Smart Touch team sent ideas and designs to Al-khodari for observation and modification, and then after making the necessary adjustments, it implemented.

Smart Touch team has promised to deliver Al-khodari's message through graphic design and printing ideas that will help to underscore the company's vision of rising to higher levels in the market by building a team of responsible employees who are able to run business in a way that reflects the image of the company.

Design Concept

The design team made similar designs but using different colours in the design of the company's brochures, where orange was used in one of them, which symbolizes vitality in silent forms, and is considered a more friendly and inviting colour. While the team used one of the degrees of blue and green colours, which combines the blue and green, in order to combine the symbols of these two colours which are the brightness and activity and vitality and activity and in blue colour.

The white colour was used in the background, and they used the black colour in writing, to provide maximum clarity and eye comfort during reading.

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