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Company Background

Al-Hussein & Al-Afaliq Group of Companies (AH Group) is one of the leading economic groups in Saudi Arabia founded in 1976. It is located in the Eastern Province and especially in Al-Ahsa where the group has provided a leading manufacturing company. Now it has expanded and diversified into many industries such as food, construction, logistics and warehousing.

The holding company co-owns and operates a hotel and a shopping center, and produces bakery and confectionery products, as well as storage services, concrete and ready-mix concrete production and assembly, and the high and low density petrochemical industry, including polyethylene and polypropylene.

Work Experience

AH Group initially contacted Smart Touch to look for a website redesign service. After thoroughly analyzing their website at the time, Smart Touch proposed a thorough renovation of their website including programming and background because the system is out of date and will not be able to handle the new features that are being used today for websites.

The proposed website is a content-managed website (CMS) that allows AH Group employees to change specific content on the website if necessary. It is a bilingual site that aims not only to meet the needs of Arabic-speaking customers but also for English-speaking customers.

Development of the AH Group website is very difficult because it is a bilingual site. Efforts have been made to ensure that the design and functionality are not compromised when moving from Arabic to English or vice versa. Smart Touch has already anticipated this challenge due to its extensive experience in the development of multilingual websites, so the team has been working side by side with representatives of the AH Group for the project and especially in translating and debugging vital website content from the time the project started to do so.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch design team created a simple, easy and expressive logo. The colours of the logo were chosen through the combination of blue and red, where blue symbolizes freedom and freshness, and is widely used in corporate design. While red is one of the most attractive colours for the user.

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