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Company Background

Tharaa is an integrated real estate company that works in many real estate sectors and offers smart real estate solutions both in the residential and commercial areas. Tharaa is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and aims to create real value added in each of its new projects.

Tharaa Real Estate has a clear strategy to develop real estate projects in the most active areas of Bahrain, such as Juffair, Riffa, Busaiteen and Diyar Al Muharraq, to become profitable properties.

One of its most important projects is the Business House Project, located in Riffa. An integrated real estate project with all services and facilities, combining residential and commercial real estate solutions in an unprecedented manner in Bahrain. And The Executive Tower, located in Busaiteen, represents real progress in the Bahraini real estate market thanks to its high quality accommodation at a very affordable price.

Tharaa Real Estate Website
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Work Experience

Tharaa, like other companies, needs to design a website that is expressive and at the same time attractive. In order to provide its services to its customers in a smooth and easy way, they needed a team specialized in writing content to deliver its message and offer its services and products easily for the reader or the customer to understand.

Tharaa Real Estate Company has been assigned the task of establishing its website and writing its content to Smart Touch, because of its expertise and specialized teams to meet the needs of its customers.

According to Tharaa Real Estate's demands, the design team at Smart Touch has designed a new site, and they made sure that the design is attractive and simple, and makes it easy for the client to browse its pages smoothly. The latest technologies that make the design seem easy and simple have been applied to the site.

The content writing team started writing the website content in Arabic and English in a simple and expressive way, in addition to trying to describe the services provided by Tharaa excellently and conveying its message clearly to readers and customers.

The design and content were sent to Tharaa for modifications, and then the Smart Touch team makes the necessary adjustments and launches the site.

The cooperation between the two companies has resulted in the creation of a distinguished website for Tharaa Company, expressing its identity significantly, as well as content conveying the company's message and offering its services in a simple and easy manner.

Design Concept

The Smart Touch team chose a different and attractive color in the design of the website. Maroon color was their choice, and it is a streamlined color combining dark red and purple. Where the red reflects strong influence that helps to attract attention, while the color of violet is considered as the color of kings, and express creativity and imagination. Smart Touch team has chosen the white color for the background of the website, to make reading easier for readers.

The site has been designed in a simple and easy way, and was adopted in the design of the website on the latest technology for easy navigation between the pages of the user. In addition to creating a convenient location for all mobile devices and Android, to provide more ease of use for the visitor to the site.

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