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Company Background

AWJ Holding Company was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a family investment company specializing in real estate and investment. The company focuses on asset management and investment and to institutionalize its investment activities that the family started more than four decades ago. AWJ Holding is concerned with preserving and managing its assets base and developing its business in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles, by developing and implementing well-studied, influential, and measurable investment strategies in the field of real estate, direct investments, and ownership in shares of public and private companies.

The company's vision is to be the leading company in the field of real estate investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on the principle of partnership and cooperation. As for its mission, it is to commit to increasing the value of its investments and developing a diverse and sustainable real estate system by innovating and managing its portfolio through solid partnerships with the public and private sectors.

The company supports a set of values ​​such as commitment, as it is firmly committed to its employees, its company, and its country. The company strives to operate to the highest standards. Also, her optimism stems from her loyalty to her homeland and belonging to her community, and nurtures her ambition for growth and prosperity. The company cooperates in the performance of its tasks by achieving its common interests with various stakeholders. Its passion lays out the path to its success to achieve distinction by building its internal capabilities and solid foundations of governance. Its honesty is also embodied in its credibility and its clear dealings with all parties and embodies the commitment of its employees to the highest professional ethics.

AWJ Holding Company believes that its commitment to the highest standards of governance and regulatory practices, and its adherence to its core values, enable it to achieve its objectives in the medium and long term, and protect the interests of its shareholders, employees, and customers.

AWJ Holding Company applies effective governance policies, through a team of experts, specialists, and distinguished partners. AWJ is keen to continuously develop these policies in line with international standards and the best global corporate governance practices.

Services we offered
Web Design

Work Experience

AWJ Holding Company needed to redesign its website into a responsive website with unique and simple content and design that could represent its range of services. Therefore, the company chose Smart Touch to do the job.

A team of designers, developers, and writers gathered to work on implementing AWJ Holding's website. All customer requirements were taken into consideration during the application as well as his comments so that a form was sent to the customer for feedback and after making the necessary adjustments, the site was launched.

The development team came up with a simple and easy-to-use site for the user, in addition to using the latest technologies and applying all the programs that make the site easy and consistent with all smart devices from phones and Android.

Design Concept

The design team chose a simple and expressive logo for the company, where the logo was chosen from the initials of the company name, with the appropriate color chosen. A plume of brown and green degrees has been chosen to be of sufficient degrees, and it is a distinctive and expressive color, as the mixture of green symbolizes new beginnings and indicates growth, as well as indicates renewal, health, goodness, earth, and giving. The brown color helps bring a feeling of warmth. Thus, the two colors have blended to become one attractive color.

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