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Company Background

Hisham Trading Company is a trading company specialized in trading excellent types of slippers for both men and women.

HTC's shoes provide insoles and are truly comfortable, combining rubber elasticity and metal durability. They are light and tough at the same time making them shockproof and healthy.

Aerosoft shoes provide rubber elasticity with stiffness and durability of metal that can benefit your health by providing comfort, support and massage to your feet. It is light, rigid, comfortable, flexible, insulating, skid-resistant, wear-resistant, and shock-absorbing by simply changing the composition here with Aerosoft.

Work Experience

Due to the need of the company for a distinctive website to display its products and to inform the consumer on the advantages of these products, the company began its journey in search of a specialized marketing company to carry out the task.

The search ended with the selection of Smart Touch to perform the task required due to its reputation in the market with its achievements in the field of electronic marketing and web design.

Smart Touch immediately designed a responsive website for the customer. The HTC website is sure to have attractive, easy-to-use designs to provide the best representation of the company's products. The site has been launched after consulting the company and ensure its content and design to satisfy the customer.

Design Concept

The design team at Smart Touch chose a logo of red and black.

The red colour is one of the most attractive colours and it is preferable to use in sites that show products, while the black colour is a colour that reflects the mystery and luxury.

Brown and red blend in the design of the site itself, where brown helps bring warmth and is sometimes used as an alternative to black.

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