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Company Background

Since self-esteem is not something that we should take seriously, Project Plus Me is a company that specializes in helping women with low self-respect and self-esteem to restore it all again by allocating programs that help them to promote self-esteem.

Project Plus Me is located in Bahrain and Dubai and understands the difficulties women face these days to stay confident in themselves and thus, personal self-esteem, life coaching and confidence to improve their quality of life.

There are many women, especially Arab women, who do not find enough space and respect for themselves. They find that they live life without identity and always wait for a good word that enhances their confidence in themselves. Hence, Project Plus Me, which opened the door to these women to find the opportunity to enhance their self-confidence and raise their self-esteem.

Project Plus Me
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Brand Identity

Work Experience

As one of the organizations, Project Plus Me found that it needed to build its brand and build its identity in the market. Every new organization or company has to develop a marketing plan to stand in the market from its competitors.

Smart Touch has been appointed and assigned to the task of creating the brand identity of Project Plus Me, which will put the company among the established competitors.

The Smart Touch team created all brand identity elements from logo design, letterhead envelope, A4 portfolio, A3 and DL envelopes and business cards, all of which will help move forward with the company's competitive strategy.

After the designs were completed, they were sent to Project Plus Me for editing and observation. After making the necessary modifications, the designs were printed on the finest types of paper and prints.

Design Concept

One of the most important designs of the Smart Touch design team is the Project Plus Me logo design. Where the design team chose a tree symbol that symbolizes life, and the trunk of the tree was done with a group of women, evidence that women are the basis of society. The leaves are designed in several colours, including red, yellow, green and blue with their different shades, to be a harmonious mixture of bright colours and expressive of life.

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