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Company Background

A professionally managed company operating in Saudi Arabia and focused on providing storage and shipping services to support industry and economy requirements.

PSS Logistics focuses on managing logistics operations and addressing asset-based components in supply chain management. It also aims to develop warehouse infrastructure worldwide. PSS provides logistical solutions for the most diverse requirements and provides connectivity and support through freight line operations.

PSS aims to develop successful projects and new business lines that harness local talent adding value to all stakeholders from customers, partners and the team.

PSS offers a range of services, including the best shipping solutions for container import and export, and is equipped to turnkey projects in customized storage solutions. It also works on the fully management of containers, as well as providing logistical solutions from outside sources in order to develop the logistics and storage sector in Saudi Arabia.

Work Experience

PSS Logistics needed to change its website, as it was not the company's identity, nor was it supported by design or content. Therefore, PSS Logistics cooperated with our company to get a design for its high profile and expressive site.

Web designers and developers in our company have excelled in providing a brand new website that reflects the true essence of PSS's established business management approach. The site is characterized by simple design and easy to use by the user, and it has a unique and attractive design, while reflecting the identity of the PSS and the nature of its work.

The design team choose to integrate white and orange colors into the design of the website. The use of white in the background increases the comfort of the eye while reading. It also allows other colors in the design to have a greater impact and become clearer. The use of orange is due to its brightness and vitality, and is more friendly than other warm colors.

While the content writing team has successfully presented the company's vision and objectives, and introduced the services provided by PSS, professionally and according to the needs of the customer, making the website more reflective of the company and its identity.

Design Concept

Through this collaboration between Smart Touch and PSS, the two teams have succeeded in creating a unique website that is simple in design and content writing, and is easy to use and navigate between pages smoothly and quickly.

Smart Touch's development team used the latest technology in web design to improve the site's efficiency and make it more distinctive, suitable for mobile and Android, and the optimization of the site on search engines in Google, and it was confirmed to appear on the front pages of the search.

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