What are remarketing services and why do you need them

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What are remarketing services and why do you need them

In the old days, companies used to spam users with TV ads, whether they were interested in the brand or not didn’t make a difference. Now life has become much easier and much more complicated at the same time, you can target the people who might be interested in your brand at first in digital marketing, and then narrow your audience further and only target those who have shown interest in online marketing. Remarketing services are a form of digital advertising that visually reminds users of your brand.

What is remarketing & Why is it important to retarget a user?

Remarketing services

Remarketing usually targets users that have already interacted with your brand by visiting your website or clicking a link on a digital ad you have running. Remarketing services focus on reminding the user know that your brand is relevant to them because they showed interest.

It also helps keep your brand recognized and remembered, when the user clicked the first time they might have visited a lot of other websites looking for the same thing, remarketing keeps your brand name at the top of their minds tied with the product/ service they were looking for. We have a variety of knowledge about inbound Marketing so keep reading.

How Remarketing Services work?

remarketing services

To put it simply, when a user visits a website, a small cookie is often attached to their browser and follows them around. When they visit other websites, remarketing ads appear in the place where random ads usually would.

The user doesn’t see more ads, they are just seeing better-targeted ads. So that Google Adwords is so important in your remarketing services.

The importance of Remarketing Services

You need to implement remarketing services as a part of your marketing strategy for several reasons:

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Remarketing Services Strategy

If a user didn’t make a purchase the first time, does that mean they’re not interested? Absolutely not, there are tons of reasons why they haven’t converted the first time they visited your website:

Remarketing ads aim to remind users to keep returning to your site until they do make a purchase.  I advise you to continue reading in 6 Marketing Steps to gain information about all marketing strategies.

What types of remarketing can be used on Google Ads?

Remarketing services

Remarketing is not one fixed thing, it’s a concept, currently, these are the major types of remarketing ads:

Google remarketing ads

These can be videos, or search ads, or banners, you can create the user experience you think would most fit your brand. They can also be dynamic ads, where you show the user the exact product or service they were interested in.

Social media remarketing ads

Most social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, offer the option of creating a remarketing campaign for the people who’ve interacted with your brand before.

Customer List Remarketing

If you have a customer list with your clients’ personal information you can create a campaign that targets only those loyal customers, through Google ads or social media.

Direct remarketing

This is when you target your customers directly, via messaging or email marketing. Like sending them messages with special promotions if their phones are listed with you, or for example, if you have an e-commerce website and you contact people with abandoned shopping carts.

Why are remarketing ads beneficial to users?

remarketing services

As much as they help the brand, these ads are good for users as well. When a user visits a website or clicks on a link, it shows their interest in the brand/ service or product. So seeing more of what they are interested in is much better than seeing irrelevant ads for the, it ups their online presence.

Moreover, it helps them make up their mind if they’re competing for two or more products because every time they click they take further notice of the pros and cons of what they want.

Because just like any type of ads, remarketing is an investment, you are spending money to make money, that’s why it is better done by experts to guarantee good ROI.

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