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What is word of mouth marketing: Your way to reach customers

This restaurant offers delicious food, you will find in this shop everything you need, try this hotel, and you will not regret it. Have you ever recommended a restaurant or cafe to a friend or given a review of a clothing brand you like to buy from, and they became a customer of the restaurant or clothing brand? Have you ever bought a refrigerator from a specific brand after a friend told you about its advantages and how long it keeps food cold? If you do this, you have used word of mouth marketing for a product or service, which is one of the most important types of marketing.

There are plenty of examples of this marketing type and online marketing with many products and services around the world. Every day, people say over 17,000 words. What do you think if your products and services are within those words?

What is word of mouth marketing?

word of mouth marketing

Now the word is an advertisement, every word people say can generate sales and profit for your company, this is called word of mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing or word marketing is the practice of telling others about your experience with a product or service. It is a strategy based on customers’ experiences with brands and the recommendations and reviews they share with their friends and family, it is a form of free advertising generated by buyer experiences. Although there are many different forms of advertising, such as content marketing, sponsored ads, and social media marketing, word of mouth has always been considered one of the most effective advertising methods from Marketing Services.

Why is word of mouth marketing important?

There is no doubt that every brand owner seeks and aspires to get more customers, which means more sales and profit. If the product is good, the consumer can promote it by sharing the positive experience with others. There is nothing truer than a customer’s words when describing his or her experience with a product or service. It is known that people tend to trust other people’s words when making a purchase, thus they can be led to experiment based on their words. You could start by reading more about marketing tactics, such as info about branding, marketing, advertising.

Facts about word-of-mouth marketing

Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

When we compare word-of-mouth marketing with other methods of E-marketing, we will find that it has many benefits. The main advantages of word-of-mouth marketing are:

1- Low cost

When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, you don’t have to pay money to advertise your product. All you need is customer satisfaction with your product or service to get their feedback and recommendations. So you spend nothing and still get good results.

2- Spread quickly among the audience

A great benefit of word-of-mouth marketing is that it can boost traffic to your brand, helping you grow faster. This is because it is a fast-spreading marketing method among people, especially if it is online.

3- Gaining audience trust and customer loyalty to the brand

Word-of-mouth marketing helps you gain the customer’s trust, and this is due to their trust in those close to them and their tendency to believe their words. Thus, if you gain your audience’s trust and they are satisfied with your product or service, they will become more loyal to your brand.

4- Word of Mouth Marketing builds a community

Word-of-mouth marketing creates a loyal fanbase. With this form of marketing, shoppers won’t just purchase a product and then forget about it. Instead, they will engage with your brand and share their experiences with others. By having customers who can vouch for your products, you’ll have a community of fans that stay loyal to you.

5- Increase sales and profit

Positive word-of-mouth marketing can help you increase sales. It has been proven that 9 out of 10 people seek advice from family and friends before making a purchasing decision. Let’s discover how to learn digital marketing Courses to improve your online business.

Is influencer marketing word-of-mouth?

Yes, influencer marketing is one of the most important word-of-mouth marketing strategies, as you can connect with your target audience through people who already have an influence on their purchasing decisions. The influencer recommends a product or service that he or she has already tried. If you want to connect with famous influencers, get in touch with us.

There are also many word-of-mouth marketing strategies you can use, are you excited to invest in your brand to increase profits and sales?

Here are some of the word-of-mouth marketing strategies:

word of mouth marketing

1- Get customer reviews and feedback

Getting customer reviews and feedback is one of the most important and simple marketing strategies to achieve. You can add a feature that allows customers to share their opinions about products to your product page or website. When they do, these reviews will appear to users who want to buy. You can use videos, as 79% of customers prefer watching customer reviews about your product or service in videos. I suggest reading Tips for Video Marketing Topic to be more updated with marketing videos.

2- Use hashtags

If you have social media platforms, you can certainly use hashtags in your content. Hashtag marketing can help you reach the audience who will be using these platforms. You can use a hashtag for your brand, a hashtag for your content, or a trending hashtag to gain more audience.

3- Giving gifts to customers

Customers love the offers and gifts that brands provide them, so you can use this idea in word-of-mouth marketing by making competitions and giving free gifts to customers in exchange for the audience sharing certain content or a specific image with their friends on social media platforms, thus ensuring reach to the largest number of potential customers.

For example; Starbucks has announced an app called Starbucks Awards, and more than 12 million people worldwide have downloaded the app, downloaded a digital card containing money, and earned points for every dollar spent. Customers who accumulate points get free drinks and discounted products.

4- Promote User Generated Content

This is also one of the most important word of mouth marketing strategies, all you need is to get the customer to create content that benefits your brand.

5- Highlight exclusivity

Consumers always talk about something whether it is exclusive or unique. If you give customers something they won’t find anywhere else, they will share their experiences with others. Which leads to more buzz around your brand and interest in what you offer.

Tips to increase Word of Mouth Marketing

For sure, after reading this article, you have thought about investing word of mouth in your marketing strategy. Many marketers have ignored this type of marketing, which is one of the most important marketing methods to reach customers, achieve their desires and satisfy them, and thus increase sales and profits. So you should use this method to reach the greatest number of your target audience and increase your sales. In the end, we would love to present to you Smart Touch, a digital marketing agency. We offer a wide range of online marketing and web design services. You will find what you need to improve your online business.

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