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Branding Agency in Saudi Arabia

The branding agency is like a veteran handcrafter who can be seen in one of Riyadh’s traditional neighborhoods and who is keen on tweaking his piece at every touch. In Smart Touch , we are the best branding agency in Saudi Arabia and we take our branding tasks with the same seriousness the crafter shows in his daily tasks giving our full attention to the smallest detail.

We are one of the top agencies that offer branding services in Riya dh. We know how the tiniest hues can matter in shaping a brand personality and making it resonate with the audience. We have also a strong presence in Jeddah, Dammam, and Khobar.

We know also what it means for brand owners to have effective product branding that embodies the image they bear in mind.

Our Approach


We believe that a powerful brand identity design is a key factor in your commercial and promotional success. In fact, it could be the most significant tool in your business kit.

Listening & Understanding

First we hear from our client to make sure we fully understand his business approach and ideas. This is a key stage where we try to take a copy of our client’s brand image and past it in our minds.


After grasping all aspects, creative marketing team gets gathered up to find out the best way to carry out this task.

A new brand is about to be born, this is a serious mission which we handle in total care and attention.

The branding creative team visualizes the brand’s basic elements and comes up with the action plan to be implemented with only one ultimate goal in their minds, promote this brand to stand out in Riyadh and all Saudi market.


It’s where we look at you in comparison to your competitors and define your unique value proposition: the description of the unique benefit you provide.

Fun & Creative Stage

of expressing your personality and positioning.


Then bustle begins, our workshop will get rattling as writers, designers, and all executives start bringing the brand into life in accordance with the set guidelines and submitted action plan.

Follow Back

After meticulous work and a curation process, the project is delivered to the client. However, this doesn’t mean that our work has come to an end.

We get to know the client’s feedback, then get back again to work on the product branding to apply all his comments.

We always make ourselves available for our clients whenever they ask for new alterations. We also make sure that the branding components and visual identity are well represented in all marketing channels either publications, websites, road banners, TV advertisements, social media, or other mediums in Riyadh, Khobar, or other Saudi major cities.

Our branding services in Saudi Arabia include

A successful branding agency operating in such a competitive market in Riyadh has to provide a full set of branding services. That’s why in Smart Touch we provide

What our customer think

Start with a desire to serve, realize the client's vision, and produce great work.

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