What is the content? How can content marketing be used to increase traffic?

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Digital marketing replaces traditional marketing! In the past, businessmen used traditional marketing to reach the target audience through television ads and other traditional means, but after the spread of modern social media, the market has tended to digital marketing with attractive content because it reaches people faster and at a lower cost.

The most important thing in digital marketing is content. Content marketing is an old technology, but talking about it has increased now. It is considered the future of promotion in digital marketing as it creates a corporate identity that distinguishes it from others in light of intense competition. In this article, we'll learn about content professionals and how to create engaging content for the right targeting.

What is content marketing?

Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing a watch and searched for it to buy it? Have you seen a video of children’s games and decided to buy them for your children? Have you seen a picture of a dress on one of the social media platforms and want to buy it? If you have been affected by any visual, audible, or readable content, then know that you know the meaning of content marketing from the point of view of consumption.


Content marketing is a means of providing valuable content related to the service or product promoted to attract the attention of the consumer to buy it, so if you think that Toy Story is just an animated movie, then you need to search for the percentage of children's toys sales that increased because of this cartoon.


Content Marketing On The Web

Any content of value and a link to the product or service is considered content marketing, and the tariff does not differ, whether it is on the web or elsewhere. But content marketing on the web has a very promising future, and here are some examples for it to understand more.


1- Videos

The videos are used to promote a product or service indirectly by using attractive content, for example, the videos in which the program provider disassembles the different phones and install them again, first it identifies the viewer on the types of phones, secondly it creates for the viewer a state of anxiety and tension when disassembling it because he knows Third, their value creates a sense of sympathy for the phones and makes them wish to buy them.


The idea may be simple, but it is one of the most successful campaigns that attract the viewer's attention and indirectly introduces him to different types of phones. This is the idea, so if you have new and attractive content, use it to increase the number of visitors to your website so that your commodity or service is spread.


2- Electronic books

Many specialized websites use valuable book content to provide useful information that encourages the user to visit the site, review it, and visit the links on it. It is a good marketing tool with free books aimed at attracting customers and clients.


Your chance is now to create free electronic books full of useful information, the purpose of e-books is to provide solutions and alternatives to the readers and your visitors for free, with the addition of your alternatives and your solutions, which the customer or consumer may choose.


The importance of content marketing

To understand well the meaning of content marketing, you must first be aware of the steps that the consumer goes through when buying, which are:


1- The need

It is the first stage in which the consumer feels the need, for example, when entering summer, the consumer feels the need to purchase an air conditioner for poor temperature.


2- Search

After the first step, which is the need, the consumer searches for specialized sites and places that provide him with the product, which is the conditioning.


3- Comparison

After the search process, the consumer has a lot of alternatives, so he needs to compare them in terms of capabilities, price, and distinguished offers, so he begins to look for the best reviews from consumers who have tried the conditioning.


4- Purchase

The last stage the consumer will go through is deciding to buy an air conditioner and register for it.


Marketing through content begins with the consumer from the first stage, and whenever the content of your company or your site is useful and enriched with information, the more it continues with it to the last stage because he will make the purchase decision based on full knowledge, so the content can create the need for the consumer and alert him to a feature or possibility What. As for the ads, they are only useful in the last stages (comparison and purchase).


How can you use content marketing to drive traffic to your site?

If you want to significantly increase the number of visits or even market your services or products, affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways, by adding your offer to the affiliate network, many enthusiastic marketers will be able to create useful content from (video - reviews - articles - infographics) ) To market your services and products.


You can also use ads to generate a large number of traffic by directing the click to an article or rich content on your site or even directing that click to content on another site you find from a point of view that will help convert that visitor to you in the end, but indirectly.


The most important content specifications

The goal of creating content is to provide your visitors with real information that has value, so if the reader or viewer feels that the content is duplicate or does not provide a benefit for it, he will have a bad experience about your site, so the most important characteristic of the content is the valuable information, the abbreviation and the link to the product or service. If you include these points in the content of your company, it will create a passion for your followers to learn more from you and increase confidence in your product or service.


Content marketing is one of the most successful advertising methods, but if your company uses it in a wrong way, it may harm your product or service, so make sure to present different content that attracts attention and is valuable to people and you will find people talking about it without your interference by sharing your articles and recommending the use of your product or service.

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