Different types of social media platforms users

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Social media platforms may all have the same goal, to connect people, but they don’t all connect the same types of people. Each platform is unique, and each attracts different categories of users.

Knowing your audience is an essential part of any campaign, and that is why you should research social media platforms first before starting any sort of digital marketing. You should always know where you can find your target audience before investing in any type of marketing, otherwise, you are wasting your time, effort, and money.

It is important to understand the types of social media platforms users that make up your ideal clients so you can find the best ways to reach them.

Social media platforms are different

different social media platforms

Social media platforms aim to connect people, but they don’t all connect people the same way. Different social media platforms implement different ways to connect people and share content.

Social networking platforms

The best types of Social networking platforms is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn help people connect with friends, family, and brands. They encourage knowledge-sharing in a personal way.

The best example of this kind is Facebook, of course, Facebook attracts around 1.5 Billion people every day. Which makes it the biggest platform there is. However, even though almost everyone can be found on Facebook, not everyone is active.

Users of social networking platforms can often share anything and everything, from thoughts to content, to photos and videos. They can also form groups based on interests. Over time, the personal account starts to resemble the person.

How can you reach your audience on such platforms?

different social media platforms

The simplest way is through ads, you can use metrics to single out your target audience and invest in a well-targeted campaign.

The longer way though, and yet the best one, is to build a community around your brand. Talk to your target audience and engage with them, find out what they are looking for and offer it. This can be done over time, and there are many approaches that can help you like sharing tips and answering questions.

Of course, a successful branding campaign should implement both techniques.

Who will you find on those platforms?

types of social media platforms

It depends on the platform and the country of course, but you will mainly find teens, celebrities, and working people with little to no free time on Twitter, women and older men on Facebook, and business-minded people on Linkedin. 

Image sharing platforms

Image-sharing platforms like Instagram, Imgur, and Snapchat are designed to connect people through the power of visual content such as images, infographics, and illustrations.

Users of such platforms can create and share images that speak for themselves, and they can also add a quick caption to magnify the impact. 

Talking business and marketing, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

How can you reach your audience with images?

You can create and share unique images that inspire and engage users. You can encourage users to share photos of your business or your products through competitions and engagement campaigns, the possibilities are endless. 

It is noteworthy to mention though that you get better use of such platforms when your business photographs well.

Who will you find on those platforms?

different social media platforms

Snapchat is mainly for the youth, if your target audience is older than 30 there is a large chance that you won’t be able to reach them through this platform.

Imgur is mainly for people interested in creating visual content, so that’s who you will find there.

Instagram may be a bit tricky because it attracts a lot of diverse audiences, however, you can use metrics to target the audience you want for sponsored ads.

Blogging platforms

Sometimes people want to share more than just a post or an image, there come blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumbler, and sometimes Quora.

These platforms encourage people to communicate and express themselves by sharing long posts and blogs.

How can you use these blogs to reach your audience?

You can share useful content and use inbound marketing to get your audience to know who you are and what you do. And you can also answer questions and give useful tips on platforms like Quora where people are clearly asking for what they want.

Who will you find on those platforms?

These websites give you a huge benefit, people there choose their interests as soon as they join the community, so you can easily find the audience you are looking for.

Social review platforms

Social review platforms like TripAdvisor and local restaurant review websites display reviews from community members for different experiences. They are the first thing people check when they are looking for various services.

How can you use these platforms to help your business?

different social media platforms

Two things, the first thing is to list your business on those websites and let people add their honest reviews. Plus, you can also engage with your audience and solve any problems they may face, this is always a plus for any business.

In addition to that, it is always a good idea to check the reviews of your competitors, this helps you learn what you can add to your business to compete.

Who will you find on those platforms?

different social media platforms

You will find people in their last step of the buyer journey, those who have used your service and are now giving their opinion, as well as people in the first step, those who are looking for the perfect business. The best form of marketing is to allow those on the last step to recommend your business to those on the first step.

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